District Looking at Rebuilding Elementary

District Looking at Rebuilding Elementary Click to Enlarge Photo: Steven Coursolle (KNSI)

(KNSI) - The Sauk Rapids-Rice School District is looking at asking voters to approve a building referendum to replace an elementary school damaged by a fire in January.

The school board met on Monday night to consider a proposal to rebuild Pleasantview Elementary at its current site for about $37 million.

The district says the school would cost the average homeowner $6.58 a month. The median home value in the community is $182,000.

Superintendent Aaron Sinclair says they concluded, after more than two-dozen listening sessions and mailing out more than 12,000 surveys, that the elementary is the top priority.

"It's been really clear, Pleasantview is at the top of everybody's list, and so, as a district, we're trying to honor what the community said and focusing on Pleasantview as priority number one."

The school had classrooms destroyed in the fire and has been dealing with space issues ever since.

"We lost four portable classrooms that were being used to alleviate space. I think that the fire has resonated in a lot of people's minds raising the urgency of what's needed there."

The School board will make a final decision on asking voters for the referendum at Monday's School Board meeting.

If approved, the election would be November 5th.

For more information, go to OneStormOneFuture.com.

In May of 2018, voters rejected a $93-million referendum to rebuild the elementary and make upgrades to all other district buildings.

Earlier this month, the Sartell-Stephen School District approved going to voters in November for a $1.8 million a year operating referendum for the next ten years.

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