Department of Health Updates Data Available on COVID-19 Website

Department of Health Updates Data Available on COVID-19 Website Click to Enlarge Photo: Minnesota Department of Public Safety

(KNSI) - The Minnesota Department of Health is updating its data on the weekly situation reports.

Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm says there is an added slide showing the weekly percent of tests positive at the county level, and showing that over several weeks, "so people can see how test positivity, which we keep stressing is a really critical number, how that plays out at the county level and how that's changing over time."

As of Thursday, July 30th, which is the last date weekly numbers were released, Benton County has reported 6,093 tests conducted. 4,348 tests have been conducted in Morrison County. 17,986 tests have been conducted in Sherburne County. 28,275 total tests have been conducted in Stearns County. 15,716 total tests have been conducted in Wright County.

Another slide added is for childcare-related cases. It shows how many cases there have been in staff and attendees in the programs, as well as how many total programs have had confirmed cases. The majority of confirmed cases in child care settings have not been due to transmission at the child care center or program. Malcolm adds that of the centers that have had cases, 70 percent have had only one confirmed case.

Long term care and assisted living facilities account for roughly 76 percent of all COVID-19 related deaths. The MDH keeps track of which facilities have exposures, but any facility with fewer than ten exposures is no longer on the list.

Also added to the data points is how many tests have been conducted along with how many people have been tested. Malcolm says this was added for clarity's sake.

"We know that many people are being tested multiple times, which is the recommended protocol for instance in long term care as we;ve discussed. So, it's important to really have both of those metrics: total tests done and total people, so that's just an additional cumulative data point that we're trying to be clear about."

Monday, there were approximately 1,070,925 tests conducted on 872,004 people. There are now 56,560 total positive cases across the state. Hospitalizations remained steady at 302, while ICU bed usage increased by four.

49,565 patients are recovering and out of isolation.