Dayton Portrait Unveiled This Week

Dayton Portrait Unveiled This Week Click to Enlarge Photo: KNSI News

(AP) - When former Gov. Mark Dayton's official portrait is unveiled later this week, it will feature the two-term Democrat in front of the Capitol building.

Dayton tells Minnesota Public Radio that he wanted a strong "supporting cast" in the painting to be unveiled Thursday, and the Capitol fit the bill. The building got a $300 million restoration during his time in office.

Dayton told MPR the best advice he got on leaving office was to take six months to decompress before jumping into other commitments. He says he's largely done that, enjoying time spent with his grandsons and feeling no urgency to do anything. Dayton did recently accept a fellowship at the University of Minnesota.

He's also being careful to stay out of politics, including staying neutral on the Democratic field running for president.