COVID-19 Numbers Show ICU Bed Usage On the Decline

COVID-19 Numbers Show ICU Bed Usage On the Decline Click to Enlarge Photo: Unsplash

(KNSI) - The Minnesota Department of Health says there are 388 newly reported COVID-19 cases around the state, and 16 newly reported COVID-19 related deaths.

Locally, numbers released Thursday by the MDH show:

Benton County added one new case for a total of 188 cases and three deaths.

Morrison County saw three added cases or a total of 51 cases and no deaths.

Sherburne County added one new case for a total of 254 cases and two deaths.

Stearns County has recorded another death and six new cases for a total of 2,070 cases and 16 deaths. The person who died was someone in their 70’s

Wright County added seven cases for a total of 358 cases and two deaths.


344,203 tests have been conducted. As of June 5th, tests are reported per test instead of per person to account for changes in testing capacity and for individuals who are tested more than once over the course of the pandemic.

27,886 total positive COVID-19 cases.

2,956 total positive cases are health care workers.

1,186 total coronavirus related deaths. There are 11 probable COVID-19 related deaths, where COVID-19 is listed on the death certificate, but there is no positive test documented for that person.

949 of those are among patients who lived in long-term care or assisted living facilities.

3,367 total cases requiring hospitalization

450 hospitalized as of today.

199 of them are in the ICU. One week ago, there were 257 patients in the ICU. ICU usage has been steadily declining over the last week.

22,992 patients are recovering and no longer in isolation.

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