COVID-19 Inspections Show Most Businesses Following the Mandates

COVID-19 Inspections Show Most Businesses Following the Mandates Click to Enlarge Photo: Unsplash

(KNSI) - Recent inspections by various state departments show most bars and restaurants are in compliance with state COVID-19 guidelines.

The Minnesota Department of Health says compliance teams from the Departments of Public Safety, Health, Labor and Industry, and Agriculture visited more than 150 bars and restaurants in various communities over the last two weeks.

They say 88 bars were in compliance, but 79 bars and restaurants were not. Those not in compliance had one or more minor violations. Of those 79, 31 were put on a list for follow-up inspections violations of the mask mandate, social distancing guidelines, and lack of employee training and COVID-19 preparedness plans.

The MDH says it has received more than 800 complaints of Executive Order violations at restaurants and bars regulated by MDH and has referred more than 400 complaints to delegated agencies since July 13.

Fifty bars and restaurants met the MDH definition for a COVID-19 outbreak by the end of August.

Minnesota Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm says her department applauds the efforts of establishments and customers doing the right thing, adding, "We know the past six months have been tough for Minnesota's bars and restaurants and we also know that if proper precautions are not followed in these settings, the result can be accelerated spread of COVID-19 in the community. These enforcement efforts are aimed at ensuring that the minority of businesses that are not following the guidelines bring their establishments into compliance."

Minnesota Agriculture Commissioner Thom Petersen says the state needs everyone to do their part and follow the rules because keeping businesses like bars and restaurants open is "critical to the state's economy," and following the mandates and guidelines will "ensure we slow the spread of COVID-19 so that these businesses can continue to operate."