Cold Weather Home Care Tips

Cold Weather Home Care Tips Click to Enlarge Photo: KNSI News

(KNSI) – As the weather turns from fall to winter is your home ready for the arctic air?

Housing expert Sean Lutgen, of Lutgen Companies, was a guest of KNSI’s Bob Hughes.

He says that last winter and spring was the worst mouse season they’ve seen in a long time and it doesn’t take much of a gap for the rodents to get inside.

“If you have cracks in your siding or little holes in your foundation from maybe an old cable line. It’s a great time to get something like that sealed up so you don’t have the little critters getting into your basement, getting into your garage.”

He says getting leaves away from your homes foundation will help keep mice out.

Sean says it’s important to check around your home each fall.

“If you just kind or walk around your foundation look at your windows, look at your siding. Just pay attention if something looks alarming. Try to seal it up the best you can or call a local professional.”

Sean also says to make sure your gutters are clear to help prevent ice dams and make sure down spouts are working properly.

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