Climate Change Forum Held In St. Cloud

Climate Change Forum Held In St. Cloud Click to Enlarge Photo: Dan Wolgamott/Twitter

(KNSI) - A couple of bills that could be introduced in the 2020 Minnesota Legislative Session were discussed during a public forum in St. Cloud on climate change and renewable energy.

St. Cloud State Representative Dan Wolgamott hosted the event with State Representative Jamie Long, vice-chair of the House Energy and Climate Division.

The two talked about some bills that could come up for a vote this year.

"There is a bill for a state goal to plant new trees every year for the next four years, up to a million trees. There is another program to allow low-income communities access to more community solar projects, and there is a bipartisan bill to provide rebates for early adopters of electric vehicles."

The governor has put out a proposal to have the state carbon-free by 2050.

Wolgamott says a recent report shows Minnesota isn't immune from climate change.

"A study out of the University of Minnesota shows Minnesota is one of the fastest warming states in the country, and our winters are warming 13 times faster than our summers."

Wolgamott says he plans to introduce a bill to allow the state to study zero-emissions vehicles and include them in the state's plans.

Zero emissions vehicles include electric vehicles and vehicles that run on compressed natural gas like the St. Cloud Metro Bus fleet.