CentraCare Completes COVID-19 Testing at Long-Term Care Facilities

CentraCare Completes COVID-19 Testing at Long-Term Care Facilities Click to Enlarge Photo: Associated Press

(KNSI) - CentraCare has conducted tests for COVID-19 of all employees and residents of their long-term care facilities, regardless of if they show symptoms.

The tests, completed over the weekend, are part of CentraCare's plan to ensure the most vulnerable parts of the population are protected.

CentraCare says in a statement that the organization remains committed to Governor Walz's five-point testing strategy, which includes ongoing asymptomatic testing at congregate care facilities.

"We are thankful for our employees and their commitment to providing quality and person-centered care for those in our care," said Susan Kratzke, Vice President of CentraCare Senior Services. "They are to be commended for their work and personal sacrifice by putting our residents first, and that is never more apparent than in these trying times."

In addition to testing those who don't show symptoms, CentraCare screens every employee at the start of their shift, before they enter the facility.

At locations where a positive case has been found, residents will be screened twice daily for COVID-19 symptoms.

CentraCare will report testing results to employees, residents and family members as well as report positive cases to the Minnesota Department of Health.