Butterball Turkey Talk Line Up and Running

Butterball Turkey Talk Line Up and Running Click to Enlarge Photo: Pexels

(KNSI) - It's that time of year again where the experts at the Butterball Turkey Talk Line standby, ready to take questions about how to cook their Thanksgiving turkeys.

Jean Schnell is credited with starting the talk line in 1981. and says they don't just hire anyone for the 48 person staff.

"We have a staff of 48 we are all professional home economists, which means we have degrees and food related nutrition, diet, we're home economics teachers and so on. So we do know basically, from our educational background, what we're talking about."

She says they also have a three day test kitchen where they prepare the turkeys in all the different ways they can be cooked to figure out how to make your turkey look and taste perfect.

"We taste them; we sample them we figure out and notice, realize why the directions that we give here at the Butterball Turkey Talk Tine are the ones to give because they do turn out the juiciest, tenderist, perfectist, prettiest turkey.

The number one question they get at the talk line, by the way is how long does it take to defrost a turkey. The answer is 24 hours for every five pounds, and always thaw it in the fridge.