Bar Fire Causes More Than $1 Million Damage

Bar Fire Causes More Than $1 Million Damage Click to Enlarge Photo: Jennifer Lewerenz/KNSI News

(KNSI) – Authorities say the Press Bar and Parlor fire in St. Cloud did more than a million dollars in damage, and federal agents have joined the investigation.

According to the St. Cloud Fire Department, the National Response Team of Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives join will join local investigators on Saturday.

Around 25 agents will assist in going through the rubble to help find the cause and origin of the fire.

The investigation will require the ten-block of 5th Avenue South to be closed so agents can sift through debris and search for evidence related to the fire.

Officials aren’t sure when the road will reopen.

Other agencies assisting the St. Cloud Fire Department in the investigation include the St. Cloud Police Department, Minnesota Department of Public Safety, and the State Fire Marshal’s office.

The Press Bar was reported on fire around 2:40 on Monday morning. Flames spread quickly, and after a couple of hours, part of the building collapsed.

Firefighters said the fire started in the basement, but they couldn’t reach it.

The entire more than a century old building had to get knocked down to put the fire out.

Cowboy Jacks shared a wall with the bar and received heavy smoke and water damage. The Red Carpet Bar and Martini Lounge also sustained water damage.

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