Security Vehicle Banned from Roads

Security Vehicle Banned from Roads Click to Enlarge Photo: From submitted video

(KNSI) - St. Cloud officials have issued a cease and desist order to the owners of a security vehicle because it looks too much like a police car.

Mayor Dave Kleis says residents complained about a vehicle with ICSC Security written on the side parked at a St. Cloud Islamic Center.

According to police, the vehicle violated state statute because of the predominant color, white, is one of the seven reserved for police and sheriffs' vehicles.

Mayor Kleis says the car cannot be driven on any public roads or else it will be ticketed. He's not sure what has happened to the car.

The Mayor says they will be looking at all other security company vehicles in the city to see if they are also are in compliance.

Some could be grandfathered in under the state law.

To see the statute, click here.

A Hospital Security Vehicle

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