Tigers trounced by Knights

Tigers trounced by Knights Click to Enlarge

(KNSI) - The Tech Tigers lost to the St. Michael/Albertville Knights 11-0 on Monday night.

The MSHSL rules state that the game will end when, after five innings of a 7-inning game, a team is 10 or more runs behind and has completed its term at bat.

Offensively, the Tech Tigers could not get anything done. They only were able to get 3 runners onto base, and 2 of them were from behind hit by pitch.

The Knights lit up Noah Hegland with 7 runs in 4 innings.

In the 5th, the Knights added on 5 more and made it 11-0.

In the bottom of the 5th, the Tigers needed to score at least 2 runs to keep the game alive, but they were not able to.

The game ended after 5 innings with the Knights winning 11-0.

Knights pitcher Jordan Krupke was selected as the All Star Trophy and Awards player of the game by throwing a complete game with 3 hits and no runs.

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