Sartell Defeats Sauk Rapids In Conference Battle

Sartell Defeats Sauk Rapids In Conference Battle Click to Enlarge Photo: KNSI Sports

(KNSI) - The Sartell Sabres (12-2) defeated the Sauk Rapids-Rice Storm (2-14) 75-66 on Friday Night.

In the first few minutes, the Storm kept themselves within 5 points, forcing Sartell to take an early time out.

After the timeout, the Sabres ran away with the game and took a 21 point lead into halftime.

The score at halftime was 49-26.

In the second half, the Storm attempted a rally getting themselves back within 8 points, forcing another timeout from the Sabres.

It was not enough however, and the Sabres were able to right the ship and hold on to their lead.

The final score was 75-66.

Sartell's Thomas Gieske was selected as the All Star Trophy and Awards Player of the Game with 17 points.

An honorable mention goes to Sauk Rapids-Rice's Joshua Schloe who dropped 30 points.

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