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(KNSI) - December 21, 2017


We are back for the fifth season with the same teams. From the Central Lakes Conference we will have: Sartell Sabres, Sauk Rapids Storm, St. Cloud Tech Tigers; St. Cloud Apollo Eagles and Rocori Spartans. From the Granite Ridge Conference; Albany Huskies, Becker Bulldogs and the Foley Falcons. From the Park Region Conference the Royalton/Uspala Royals and from the Central Minnesota Conference the Eden Valley Watkins Eagles.

Will bring you the individual results of the duals and Individual tournaments of all ten teams. Also the list of upcoming of events, current state ratings and conference standings. You can get more of your wrestling news and results at and more info on our local teams on my blog site: for more on Section and Conference previews and Bi-weekly columns thru out the season.


The Falcons defeated their Granite Ridge Conference rivals the Little Falls Flyers 39-27 and they defeated AAA Brainerd 53-12 and class A Lean and Mean Royalton. Nathan Garceau, Mitch Rothfork and Justin Henry all went 2-0 at the Brainerd triangular.

The Falcons defeated three foes at the Dassel Cokato “Charger” duals with section rival Dassel Cokato. They defeated them 32-18, AA Lean and Mean Delano 33-21 and AAA Elk River 60-13. Justin Henry went 3-0; Levi Jacobson, Nate Garceau, Mitch Rothfork, Connor Thorsten, Hunter Gorecki, Mitch Trigg and Carter Svihla all went 2-1 at the Charger duals. See complete individual results of duals below.


The Huskies went 1-2 at the Dassel Cokato Chargers Duals; they defeated Section 6AA Dassel Cokato 44-31. They dropped a pair of duals to Section 6AA Big Lake 40-34 and to AA Lean and Mean Delano 39-36. Owen Meyer and Gabe Zierden both went 3-0, Javier Solis, Logan Wenzel, Riley Rakotz, Logan Kittelson and Marvin Stang all went 2-1.


The Tigers for the first time competed in the Rochester “Minnesota All Forces Christmas” Invitational. This features 40 teams from not only Minnesota, but from Wisconsin and Iowa. The Tigers earned two place winners, Austin Brenner @ 160 earned fourth place, he went 4-2 in the tournament and he is now 10-2 on the season. He lost his semifinal match 4-1 to the No. 1AAA ranked wrestler. Isaiah Green earned fifth place @ 220, he went 5-2 in the tournament, he is now 10-3 on the season. He was defeated by a nationally ranked wrestler in the semifinals and in the consolation semifinals he lost to the No. 4AA ranked wrestler 7-5 OT. Luke Rajkic @ 132 went 5-2 at the tournament, he is now 11-3 on the season. Dallas Hooper @ 145 went 4-2 at the tournament, he is now 10-4

on the season, he lost his quarter final 15-13. Jayden Sundstrom @ 152 went 3-2 at the tournament, 5-4 on the season. Graham Nistler @ 170 went 4-2 at the tournament, he is now 10-3 on the season. He lost his quarterfinal match to the tournament runner up 3-2, the no. 3AAA ranked 182.


The Sabres earned four place winners for 97 points to take ninth place at the Redwood “River Riot” Invitational. This is a thirty-three field of teams, with numerous ranked wrestlers from the AA and A divisions. Jackson Penk led the way, he won the championship at 120. He went 5-0 at the tournament and he has built a season record of 13-0. Cole Fibranz won the championship at 220, he went 4-0 at the tournament, with four falls. He now has built a season record of 11-0. Nick Pelach earned fourth place at 132, he went 3-2 at the tournament, he is now 10-2 on the season. Sam Fernholz earned sixth place at 138, he went 4-2 in the tournament and he is now 12-5 on the season. Patrick Hesse at 126, went 3-2 in the tournament, he is now 7-6 on the season.


The Storm had a big week with four dual meet wins, including a big one over Central Lakes Conference and Section 8AAA rival Alexandria 36-35. The Storm defeated three foes to win the championship at the Richfield “Charley Turner Memorial” Duals. They defeated Rochester John Marshall 55-18, Orono 41-34 and Bloomington Kennedy 51-30. Peyton Olson @ 106, Dante Haywood @ 113, Jared Spohn @ 120/126, Cole Ackerman @ 132, Marcus Santilla @ 170 and Andrew Syvertson @ 195 all went 3-0 at the Duals. Jacob Ackerman @ 152-160 and Ben Konz @ 285 both went 2-1.


The Bulldogs defeated their Granite Ridge Conference rivals the Milaca Wolves 51-18. The Bulldogs won ten of the fourteen matches that were contested.


The Royals dropped a pair of duals at the Brainerd “Warriors” Triangular, they lost to the host AAA Brainerd 40-30 and to No. 4AA ranked Foley 42-22. Jackson Held, Lyle Zimmerman and Jason Kasella all went 2-0 at the Brainerd triangular.


The Spartans defeated Central Lakes Conference foe Fergus Falls 61-15. They participated in the Redwood Valley “River Riot” Invitational, they earned 36 points to take twenty third place out of forty teams. Austin Moscho earned seventh place @ 120, he was 3-2 in the tournament. He now has a 8-4 season record. Gunnar Feldhege @ 160 went 2-2 in the tournament, he didn’t place, he now has a 8-2 season record. Nate Evens @ 220 went 2-2 in the tournament, he is now 6-4 on the season.


The Eagles had one state place winner at the Cass Lake “Big Bear” Invitational, which included a field of forty teams. Brett Kirchner earned fifth place, he went 5-2 in the tournament. He has now built a 11-2 record on the season. The Eagles did score 29 points to take thirty-fourth place.


Foley 33 Delano 21

106 Levi Jacobson (FOL) Dec. Tyson Kroells (DEL) 5-2 OT

113 Clete Scherer (DEL) Fall Dylan Lowthian (FOL) :54

120 Nate Garceneau (FOL) Maj. Dec. Leo Vanderlinde (DEL) 12-4

126 Reier Sjomeling (DEL) Dec. Danny Halverson (FOL) 8-4

132 Cameron Kowitz (FOL) Won by Forfeit

138 Tanner Kroells (DEL) Dec. John Dierkes (FOL) 10-3

145 Micheal Rothfork (FOL) Won by Forfeit

152 Mitch Rothfork (FOL) Tech. Fall Hayden Lynch (DEL)

160 Cameron Tschudi (DEL) Dec. Conner Thorsten (FOL) 8-2

170 Eli McCune (DEL) Dec. Max Lefebvre (FOL) 7-2

182 Justin Henry (FOL) Dec. Jacob McDonald (DEL) 5-1

195 Hunter Gorecki (FOL) Dec. Edward Hajas (DEL) 2-1

220 Carter Svihla (FOL) Dec. Carson VanSytzama (DEL) 6-5

285 Steven Hajas (DEL) Dec. Mitch Trigg (FOL) 2-0

Foley 32 Dassel Cokato 18

106 Sam Marx (DC) Dec. Levi Jacobson (FOL) 2-0

113 Dylan Lowthian (FOL) Won by Forfeit

120 Jude Link (DC) Dec. Nate Garceau (FOL) 6-2

126 Noah Halonen (DC) Dec. Danny Halvorson (FOL) 2-0

132 Cameron Kowitz (FOL) Fall Ben Zobel (DC)

138 John Dierkes (FOL) Fall Kaden Schmidt (DC)

145 Micheal Rothfork (FOL) Fall Jack Selseth (DC)

152 Mitch Rothfork (FOL) Tech. Fall Cade Anderson (DC)

160 Connor Thorsten (FOL) Tech. Fall Christian Johnson (DC)

170 Max Lefebvre (FOL) Fall Landon Smith (DC)

182 Justin Henry (FOL) Fall Jack Zobel (DC)

195 Jacob Schmitz (DC) Fall Hunter Gorecki (FOL)

220 Blake Snyder (DC) Dec. Carter Svihla (FOL) 6-1

285 Mitch Trigg (FOL) Fall Payton Duske (DC)

Foley 60 Elk River 13

106 Levi Jacobson (FOL) Default Eli Williams (ER)

113 Colton Pool (ER) Fall Dylan Lowthian (FOL) 2:34

120 Nate Garceau (FOL) Fall Colten Strain (ER) 1:21

126 Logan Thorsten (FOL) Fall Wyatt Schimmelman (ER) 2:39

132 Mark Deirkes (FOL) Maj. Dec. Grady Haferbecker (ER) 13-1

138 John Dierkes (FOL) Fall Anthony Black (ER) :24

145 Tyler Benson (ER) Maj. Dec. Satherlin Schmidt (FOL) 16-2

152 Brandon Kidd (ER) Dec. Mitch Rothfork (FOL) 7-3

160 Connor Thorsten (FOL) Tech. Fall Hunter Larson (ER)

170 Logan Kipka (FOL) Dec. Eli Greenberg (ER) 12-5

182 Justin Henry (FOL) Fall Dominik Peterson (ER) 1:05

195 Hunter Gorecki (FOL) Fall Stoyan Slavkov (ER) 1:31

220 Carter Svihla (FOL) Fall Lorser Wuanti (ER) 3:58

285 Mitch Trigg (FOL) Fall Seth Hopkins (ER) 1:01

Delano 39 Albany 36

106 Tyson Kroells (DEL) Fall Declan Crumley (ALB) 1:20

113 Clete Kroells (DEL) Fall Connor Winkels (ALB) 1:17

120 Dustin Schmitt (ALB) Dec. Leo Vanderlinde (DEL) 5-3

126 William Mergen (ALB) Fall Wally Scherer (DEL) 2:30

132 Javier Solis (ALB) Dec. Reier Sjomeling (DEL) 6-3

138 Tanner Kroells (DEL) Fall Hunter Tate (ALB) :28

145 Logan Wenzel (ALB) Won by Forfeit

152 Owen Meyer (ALB) Won by Forfeit

160 Logan Kittleson (ALB) Fall Camden Tschudi (DEL) 3:17

170 Eli McCune (DEL) Fall Austin Olmscheid (ALB) 1:18

182 Jacob McDonald (DEL) Fall Riley Rakotz (ALB) 1:36

195 Gabe Zierden (ALB) Fall Edward Hajas (DEL) 1:56

220 Carson VanSytzama (DEL) Fall Carter Fish (ALB) 1:25

285 Steven Hajas (DEL) Dec. Marvin Stang (ALB) 8-1

Albany 44 Dassel Cokato 31

106 Sam Marx (DC) Fall Declan Crumley (ALB)

113 Connor Winkels (ALB) Won by Forfeit

120 Jude Link (DC) Dec. Dusty Schmitt (ALB) 5-1

126 Noah Halonen (DC) Maj. Dec. Will Mergen (ALB) 12-3

132 Javier Solis (ALB) Fall Ben Zobel (DC)

138 Kaden Schmidt (DC) Fall Hunter Tate (ALB)

145 Logan Wenzel (ALB) Tech. Fall Jack Selseth (DC)

152 Owen Meyer (ALB) Fall Cade Anderson (DC)

160 Logan Kittleson (ALB) Dec. Christian Johnson (DC) 5-0

170 Landon Smith (DC) Fall Austin Olmschied (ALB)

182 Riley Rakotz (ALB) Fall Jack Zobel (DC)

195 Gabe Zierden (ALB) Won by Forfeit

220 Jacob Schmitz (DC) Fall Carter Fish (ALB)

285 Marvin Stang (ALB) Fall Blake Snyder (DC)

Big Lake 40 Albany 34

106 Jayden Mclearen (BL) Dec. Declan Crumley (ALB) 5-1

113 Rocco Visci (BL) Fall Connor Winkels (ALB) 2:39

120 Cade Sixberry (BL) Dec. Dustin Schmidt (ALB) 4-1

126 Nick Merten (BL) Fall Will Mergen (ALB) 5:42

132 Josh Ginther (BL) Dec. Javier Solis (ALB) 8-2

138 Lance Christensen (BL) Fall Hunter Tate (ALB) 5:08

145 Ben Morris (BL) Maj. Dec. Logan Wenzel (ALB) 16-3

152 Owen Meyer (ALB) Fall Ryan Helgoe (BL) 5:03

160 Vince Dailey (BL) Dec. Logan Kittelson (ALB) 6-2

170 Austin Olmscheid (ALB) Dec. Joe Morris (BL) 3-1

182 Riley Rakotz (ALB) Fall Will Gomez (BL) 1:51

195 Gabe Zierden (ALB) Won by Forfeit

220 Ben Beckers (BL) Fall Carter Fish (ALB) 1:33

285 Marvin Stang (ALB) Dec. Jackson Gardner (BL) 7-3

Foley 39 Little Falls 27

106 Evan Milejczak (FOL) Won by Forfeit

113 Dylan Lowthain (FOL) Maj. Dec. Calvin Sherwood (LF) 8-0

120 Nathan Garceau (FOL) Fall Kole Kern (LF) 5:12

126 Trent Krupke (LF) Dec. Logan Thorsten (FOL) 5-3

132 Cameron Kowitz (FOL) Dec. Simon Pantzke (LF) 10-4

138 John Dierkes (FOL) Fall Nathaniel Kludt (LF) :58

145 Gabe Nagel (LF) Fall Sutherlin Schmit (FOL) 1:04

152 Mitch Rothfork (FOL) Tech. Fall Francis Houdek (LF) No Time Given

160 Simon Bryce (LF) Dec. Connor Thorsten (FOL) 3-1

170 Max Lefebvre (FOL) Dec. Tony Winkelman (LF) 7-4

182 Grant Litke (LF) Dec. Justin Henry (FOL) 1-0

195 Sam Nagel (LF) Won by Forfeit

220 Luke Venske (LF) Won by Forfeit

285 Mitch Trigg (FOL) Fall Ryan Graves (LF) 1:21

Becker 51 Milaca 18

106 Ethan Anderson (BEC) Fall Tanyon Black (MIL) :32

113 Zach Salgren (MIL) Dec. Tyson Ricker (BEC) 11-7

120 Jake Nelson (BEC) Fall William Danilyuk (MIL) :42

126 Lukas Paulson (BEC) Fall Cameron Gall (MIL) :22

132 Jon Hall (MIL) Fall Kylen Fish (BEC) 2:59

138 Kevin Andres (BEC) Fall Mitch Nelson (MIL) 5:36

145 Blake Paulson (BEC) Dec. Garret Hall (MIL) 4-3

152 Jacob Berning (BEC) Dec. Moses Danilyuk (MIL) 9-6

160 Logan Jurek (BEC) Dec. Ian Hanson (MIL) 3-0

170 Lincoln Carlson (BEC) Fall Trent Smith (MIL) 3:57

182 Brayden Weber (BEC) Fall Ben Hanson (MIL) 3:48

195 Bodee Zens (MIL) Dec. Reid Tripp (BEC) 6-4

220 Craig Santema (MIL) Fall Nicholas Goth (BEC) 1:25

285 Nicholas Radunz (BEC) Fall Brody Ash (MIL) :09

Sartell-St. Stephen 61 St. Cloud Apollo 15

106 Dylan Enriquez (SSS) Won by Forfeit

113 Andy Heckman (SSS) Won by Forfeit

120 Patrick Hesse (SSS) Maj. Dec. Trevor Schroeder (SCA) 8-0

126 Jackson Penk (SSS) Won by Forfeit

132 Nick Pelach (SSS) Won by Forfeit

138 Sam Fernholz (SSS) Fall Ashton Brandner (SCA)1:03

145 Avery Kouba (SSS) Fall John Thomas (SCA) 5:43

152 Austin Frauenholtz (SSS) Fall Hunter Madison (SCA) :42

160 Brett Kirchner (SCA) Fall Alex Moritz (SSS) 1:24

170 Keon McCray (SCA) Dec. Dylan Gerdes (SSS) 13-9

182 Jack Engle (SSS) Dec. Isaac Erickson-Thoemke (SCA) 5-4

195 Nick Daffinrud (SSS) Fall Nick Gill (SCA) 1:33

220 Cole Fibranz (SSS) Fall Zach Willard (SCA) 1:20

285 Carlos Agee (SCA) Won by Forfeit

Rocori 57 Fergus Falls 21

106 Gavin Winter (ROC) Fall Chais Rudolph (FF) 4:19

113 Jacob Widness (FF) Won by Forfeit

120 Austin Moscho (ROC) Fall Caden Olsen (FF) 1:39

126 Ethan Krause (FF) Fall Ryan Rose (ROC) 2:24

132 Trent Kerzman (ROC) Won by Forfeit

138 Kaden Hartwell (FF) Fall James Mann (ROC) :53

145 Zavier Grefe (ROC) Fall Jonah Sorum (FF) :34

152 Max Court (ROC) Fall Mat Holding Eagle (FF) :34

160 Gunnar Feldhege (ROC) Fall Tyler McLemore (FF) 1:39

170 Brock Humbert (ROC) Fall Isaac Oliphant (FF) :30

182 Zach Swanson (ROC) Dec. Eli Sorum (FF) 4-3

195 Aaron Billings (FF) Dec. Ben Primus (ROC) 12-7

220 Nate Evans (ROC) Fall Eric Formo (FF) 1:58

285 Dylan Shafer (ROC) Disqualification Dustin Portales (FF)


106 Ryan Borris (ALEX) Maj. Dec. Peyton Olson (SRR) 15-1

113 Jeris Lemm (ALEX) Dec. Andrew Wollak (SRR) 3-2

120 Jared Spohn (SRR) Fall Adam Kremer (ALEX) 4:03

126 Benjamin Gilbertson (SRR) Dec. AJ Sparr (ALEX) 7-5

132 Cole Ackerman (SRR) Fall Kyler Miller (ALE) 4:29

138 Jacob Kruger (SRR) Dec. Trent Koloski (ALEX) 7-2

145 Bryce Warner (SRR) Fall Brendan Oberg (ALEX) :41

152 Trappier Botz (ALEX) Fall Matt Krepp (SRR) 1:17

160 Tyler Kleindl (ALEX) Maj. Dec. Jacob Ackerman (SRR) 9-1

170 Joe Brezina (ALEX) Fall Marcus Santillana (SRR) 4:04

182 Chandler Cole (ALEX) Fall Darrius Robinson (SRR) 3:18

195 Andrew Syvertson (SRR) Fall Titus Champberlin (ALEX) 1:51

220 Deryk Neu (ALEX) Fall Gage Donovan (SRR) 1:32

285 Ben Konz (SRR) Fall Jack Roth (ALEX) 1:20



Sauk Rapids/Rice 55 Rochester John Marshall 18

106 Peyton Olson (SRR) Fall Evan Hanson (RJM) :55

113 Dante Haywood (SRR) Maj. Dec. Garrett Eick (RJM) 13-1

120 Jared Spohn (SRR) Fall Ben Zierde-Thorson (RJM) :21

126 Benjamin Gilbertson (SRR) Dec. Davonte Jones (RJM) 7-0

132 Cole Ackerman (SRR) Fall Zach Bierscheid (RJM) 3:12

138 Conner Higgins (RJM) Tech. Fall Jacob Kruger (SRR)

145 Tyler Bertschlinger (RJM) Fall Bryce Warner (SRR) 3:18

152 Cale Collins (RJM) Maj. Dec. Matt Krepp (SRR) 12-1

160 Justin Higgins (RJM) Dec. Jacob Ackerman (SRR) 7-0

170 Marcus Santillana (SRR) Won by Forfeit

182 Darrius Robinson (SRR) Won by Forfeit

195 Andrew Syvertson (SRR) Won by Forfeit

220 Gage Donovan (SRR) Won by Forfeit

285 Ben Konz (SRR) Fall Victor Vargas (RJM) 3:29


Sauk Rapids/Rice 41 Orono 34

106 Payton Olson (SRR) Fall Parker Abed (OR) :29

113 Dante Haywood (SRR) Fall Oliver Stevenson (OR) :55

120 Jacob Weber (SRR) Won by Forfeit

126 Jared Spohn (SRR) Tech. Fall Marcus Ostvig (OR)

132 Cole Ackerman (SRR) Fall Gustavo Cano Garnica (OR) 1:07

138 Henry Beck (OR) Maj. Dec. Jacob Kruger (SRR) 10-2

145 Jacob Schmid (OR) Fall Bryce Warner (SRR) 1:36

152 Jacob Ackerman (SRR) Dec. Noah Arneson (OR) 5-0

160 John McCuskey (OR) Fall Matt Krepp (SRR) 3:23

170 Marcus Santillana (SRR) Fall Nick Simafranca (OR) 3:30

182 Danny Striggow (OR) Fall Darrius Robinson (SRR) 1:08

195 Andrew Syvertson (SRR) Dec. Blaine Bauman (OR) 10-4

220 Bobby Striggow (SRR) Fall Gage Donovan (SRR) :28

285 Shea Albrecht (OR) Fall Ben Konz (SRR) 2:26


Sauk Rapids/Rice 51 Bloomington Kennedy 30

106 Peyton Olson (SRR) Won by Forfeit

113 Dante Haywood (SRR) Fall Annalise Hiltner (BK) 3:07

120 Jared Spohn (SRR) Fall Mason Scott (BK) :57

126 Benjamin Gilbertson (SRR) Dec. Allen Everson (BK) 4-2

132 Cole Ackerman (SRR) Fall Derek Eager (BK) 2:40

138 Xavier Judge (BK) Fall Jacob Kruger (SRR) 5:03

145 Reese Averbeck (BK) Fall Bryce Warner (SRR) 2:15

152 Jacob Ackerman (SRR) Fall Joe Jeans (BK) 2:00

160 Isaac Grams (BK) Fall Matt Krepp (SRR) :30

170 Marcus Santillana (SRR) Fall Jeff McConald (BK) :51

182 Jake Leicht (BK) Fall Darrius Robinson (SRR) 1:07

195 Andrew Syvertson (SRR) Fall Riley O’Neil (BK) :59

220 Isaiah Codden (BK) Fall Gage Donovan (SRR) :30

285 Ben Konz (SRR) Fall Miguel Silva Sanchez (BK) :58


Foley 53 Brainerd 12

106 Atlie Danielson (BRA) Dec. Levi Jacobson (FOL) 7-5 OT

113 Ethan Oswald (FOL) Won by Forfeit

120 Nathan Garceau (FOL) Fall Kyle Eschenbaher (BRA) 1:20

126 Denny Bushey (BRA) Dec. Danny Halverson (FOL) 9-4

132 Cameron Kowitz (FOL) Dec. Kyle Patnode (BRA) 8-4

138 Michael Rothfork (FOL) Dec. Brad Patnode (BRA) 9-0

145 John Dierkes (FOL) Dec. Max Boran (BRA) 9-4

152 Mitch Rothfork (FOL) Maj. Dec. Tommy Fickett (BRA) 9-0

160 Connor Thorsten (FOL) Dec. Braden Kramer (BRA) 3-2

170 Logan Kipka (FOL) Fall Caleb Kramer (BRA) :30

182 Justin Henry (FOL) Fall Nathan Remick (BRA) 1:22

195 Morgan Gibson (FOL) Won by Forfeit

220 Carter Svihla (FOL) Fall Fletcher DeRosier (BRA) 2:29

285 Mitch Trigg (FOL) Won by Forfeit

Foley 42 Royalton/Upsala 22

106 Levi Jacobson (FOL) Fall Will Gorecki (R/U) 3:21

113 Sam Costanzo (R/U) Dec. Ryan Lowthian (FOL) 6-3

120 Nathan Garceau ( FOL) Won by Forfeit

126 Logan Thorston (FOL) Dec. Jacob Leibold (R/U) 5-2

132 Danny Halverson (FOL) Dec. Wyatt Lahr (R/U) 4-3

138 Mark Dierkes (FOL) Fall Brady Conrad (R/U) 4:00

145 Damian Theisen (R/U) Maj. Dec. Southerlin Schmit (FOL) 9-1

152 Mitch Rothfork (FOL) Fall Phillip Kroll (R/U) 1:29

160 Jackson Held (R/U) Tech. Fall Connor Thorsten (FOL)

170 Lyle Zimmerman (R/U) Fall Logan Kipka (FOL) 2:56

182 Max Lefebvre (FOL) Won by Forfeit

195 Justin Henry (FOL) Won by Forfeit

220 Jason Kasella (R/U) Maj. Dec. Carter Svihla (FOL) 12-1

285 Hunter Gorecki (FOL) Won by Forfeit

Brainerd 40 Royalton-Upsala 30

106 Atlie Danielson (BRA) Fall Will Gorecki (R/U) 2:35

113 Max Lange (R/U) Won by Forfeit

120 Kyle Eschenbacher (BRA) Dec. Sam Costanzo (R/U) 9-3

126 Denny Busbey (BRA) Maj. Dec. Jacob Leibold (R/U) 22-9

132 Kyle Patnode (BRA) Fall Wyatt Lahr (R/U) 1:26

138 Brad Patnode (BRA) Fall Brady Conrad (R/U) 1:32

145 Max Boran (BRA) Dec. Damian Theisen (R/U) 6-1

152 Philip Kroll (R/U) Default Tommy Fickett (BRA)

160 Jackson Held (BRA) Fall Braden Kramer (BRA) 2:43

170 Lyle Zimmerman (R/U) Fall Caleb Kramer (BRA) 1:26

182 Nathan Remick (BRA) Won by Forfeit

195 Morgan Gibson (R/U) Won by Forfeit

220 Jason Kasella (R/U) Fall Fletcher DeRosier (BRA) 1:19

285 Double Forfeit


Thursday December 21st

Alexandria, Milaca, Ogilvie @ St. Cloud Apollo (5:00)

Atwater/Cosmos/Grove City/Eden Valley-Watkins/Royalton/Upsala @ Upsala (5:00)

Little Falls, Moorhead, Sauk Rapids/Rice @ Brainerd (5:00)

St. Cloud Tech @ Rocori (7:00)

Friday December 22nd

Bemidji, Simley, St. Michael-Albertville @ Foley (5:00)

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