Metro Wrestling Report January 20th

Jan 21, 2014 at 12:09 pm

Metro Wrestling Report January 20th






The Sabres, despite not having a set lineup with wrestlers out with injuries and illness, still are turning in good performances. They had a good showing with 164.5 points and ten place winners to earned second place at the Paynesville "Bulldog" Invitational.

Paynesville Place Winners:

Rylee Molitor               1st Place         106 Pounds

DanielVitale                 1st Place         170 Pounds

Jake Fernholz             2nd Place        120 Pounds

Nick Jenson                2nd Place        220 Pounds

Danny Nyguen            3rd Place         195 Pounds

Ryan Zayas                3rd Place         285 Pounds

Zach Motschke           4th Place         145 Pounds

Noah Piechal              4th Place         132 Pounds

Tyler Hubert                5th Place         152 Pounds

Abe Anderson             5th Place         160 Pounds


The Sabres had a good showing as they went 2-1 at the Staples-Motley "Don Dravis" Duals, Rylee Molitor, Dan Vitale and Jake Fernholz were all 30 at the Staples event.



Quad County 36 Sartell-Saint Stephen 30

106 Rylee Molitor(SAR) Fall Duncan Marquart(QC) :56

113  Isaac Roiger(QC) Won by Forfeit

120  Jake Fernholz(SAR) Fall Jordan Odegard(QC) :37

126  Ethan Thein(QC) Maj. Dec. Sam Kravel(SAR) 10-2

132  Colten Specht(QC) Dec. Noah Piechel (SAR) 12-9

138  Jon Pelach(SAR) Dec. Cole Hatch(QC) 10-5

145  Zachary Motschke(SAR) Dec. Kirby Winson(QC) 8-5

152  Dylan Johnson(QC) Tech. Fall Tyler Hubert(SAR) No Time Given

160  Dan Vitale(SAR) FallNick Pieper(QC) :26

170  Wyatt Hatch(QC) FallJordan Houkos(SAR) 3:07

182  Hodari Johnson(QC) FallKaeden Nordin(SAR) 1:08

195  Brian Bratsch(QC) Dec. Creedence McDermond(SAR) 6-2

220  Zach Fischer(QC) Dec. Danny Nyguen(SAR) 9-5

285  Ryan Zayos(SAR) FallEthan Beckler(QC) :17



Sartell-Saint Stephen 38 Kimball 35

106  Rylee Molitor(SAR) Tech. Fall Payton Scheifelbein(KIM) 5:27

113  Josh Donnay (KIM) Won by Forfeit

120  Jake Fernholz(SAR) Fall Josh Donnay(KIM) 4:35

126  BlaneTschida (KIM) Fall Kevin Krauel (SAR) 1:47

132  Quinten Berres(KIM) Tech. FallNoah Piechel(SAR) 3:00

138  Brady Mehr(KIM) Dec. Jon Pelach(SAR) 3-1 OT

145  Zachary Motschke(SAR) Dec. Matt Donnay (KIM) 6-2

152 Marcus Mehr(KIM) FallTyler Hubert(SAR) 3:41

160  Dan Vitale(SAR) FallLogan Scheifels(KIM) 1:41

170  Skyler Scheifelbein(K) Dec. Jordan Houkos(S) 13-9

182  Creedence McDermond(SAR) FallBrandon Loch(K) 2:13

195  Danny Nyguen(SAR) Fall Ben Zipoy(KIM) 1:31

220  Austin Schiefelbein(KIM) FallMitchell Zayas(SAR) 3:31

285  Ryan Zayas(SAR) FallAustin Hentges(KIM) :08



Sartell-Saint Stephen 34 Aitkin 29

106 Rylee Molitor(SAR) FallSilas Berg(AIT) 1:33

113  Berg(AIT) Won by Forfeit

120  Jake Fernholz(SAR) Fall Tyler Bare(AIT) 1:32

126  Kevin Kravel(SAR) Fall Jacob Haugestuen(AIT) 1:15

132  Noah Piechal(SAR) Dec. Dan Nordean(AIT) 3-1

138  Jon Pelach(SAR) Maj. Dec. Ethan Croatt(AIT) 10-2

145  Noah Landrus(AIT) Dec. Zachary Motschke(SAR) 3-2

152  Jerod Novak(A) Tech. FallTyler Hubert(SAR) 4:26

160  Dan Vitale(SAR) Dec. Chris Jackson(AIT) 3-2

170  Jonah Perrine(AIT) Dec. Jordan Houkos(SAR) 8-3

182  Sam Roring(AIT) Dec. Creedence McDermond(SAR) 6-5

195  Kyle Lynn(AIT) Dec. Danny Nyguen(SAR) 8-2

220  Alan Bast (AIT) FallMitchell Zayas (SAR) :27

285  Ryan Zayas(SAR) FallJordan Fiske(AIT) :14



Friday January 24                 Sartell Triangular (Little Falls and Apollo) 5:00


Thursday January 30            St. Cloud Tech at Sartell


Friday January 31                Sartell Triangular (Becker;Albany)            5:00


Friday February 7                 Double Dual Rocori (6:15)  Brainerd (7:30) at Sartell





The Spartans continue to have a very good season with a good showing at the Paynesville "Bulldog" Invitational with 143.5 points and nine place winners to earn third place.


Paynesville Place Winners:

Adam Kunz                 1st Place         113 Pounds

Nick Warne                 1st Place         145 Pounds

Tyler Hoffman                        1st Place         285 Pounds

Cody Buerman           2nd Place        138 Pounds

Ben Hoffman              2nd Place        152 Pounds

Max Court                   4th Place         106 Pounds

Dalton Calfus              5th Place         170 Pounds

Ryan Vigil                    5th Place         195 Pounds

Seth Klein                    5th Place         182 Pounds


The Spartans defeated Central Lakes Conference rival St. Cloud Tech 45-21 in a home dual on Thursday January 16th.


106 Graham Nistler (SCT) Dec. Cole Steil (ROC) 3-1

113 Dallas Hooper (SCT) Maj. Dec. Max Court (ROC) 13-0

120 Austin Brenner (SCT) Dec. Adam Kunz (ROC) 7-2

126 Gunnar Feildhege (ROC) Fall Max Dresow (SCT) 3:04

132 Will Kranz (SCT) Fall Zach Swanson (ROC) 3:47

138 Cody Buerman (ROC) Fall Joe Klontz (SCT) 1:34

145 Nick Warne (ROC) Dec. Jacob Johnson (SCT) 3-2

152 Cole Schreder (SCT) Tech. Fall Justin Rose (ROC) 2:00

160 Ben Hoffman (ROC) Dec. Ale VanHeel (SCT) 5-4

170 Mitch Schwinghammer (ROC) Won by Forfeit

182 Dalton Calfas (ROC) Dec. Jeffrey Karros (SCT) 7-4

195 Seth Klein (ROC) Fall Micah Mangel (SCT) 3:10

220 Ryan Vigil (ROC) Fall Derek Kiffmeyer (SCT) :31

285 Tyler Hoffman (ROC) Won by Forfeit



Tuesday    January 21          Sauk Rapids at Sauk Rapids


Friday        January 24          Rocori Triangular (Willmar;Wayzata) 5:00


Thursday   January 30         Fergus Falls at Fergus Falls


Saturday    February 1         Alexandria "Big Ole" Invitational  11:30





The Tigers dropped a dual to Central Lakes Conference rival Rocori 45-21 (See Box Score Above) They hosted the "Kiffmeyer" Duals including the No. 3AAA, No. 4AAA, No. 5AAA and No. 1AA ranked Foley. The Tigers went 1-2 to earn seventh place.


Saint Michael-Albertville 69 Saint Cloud Tech 6

106 Zach Nygaard (STMA) Dec. Graham Nistler (SCT) 3-0

113 Aaron Dick (STMA) Dec. Austin Brunner (SCT) 10-7

120 Colten Schoen (STMA) Fall Tucker Brouwer (SCT) 3:16

126 Joel Zachman (STMA) Fall Tyler Doering (SCT) 1:11

132 Jeff Geiger (STMA) Fall Will Kranz (SCT) 1:31

138 Donnie Leuer (STMA) Fall Lucas Grams (SCT) :49

145 Max Jensen (STMA) Fall Joe Klontz (SCT) 3:13

152 Lucas Jeske (STMA) Fall Cole Schreder (SCDT) 4:56

160 Evan Ronsen (STMA) Won by Forfeit

170 Evan Foster (STMA) Dec. Tyler Hugg (SCT) 8-5

182 Ryan Jones (STMA) Fall Jeff Karros (SCT) 2:42

195 Jake Briggs (STMA) Fall Micah Mangel (SCT) 1:17

220 Noah Voight (SCT) Fall Andrew Puett (STMA) 1:57

285 Randy Anderson (STMA) Default James Prince (SCT)


Elk River 51 Saint Cloud Tech 13

106 Graham Nistler (SCT) Dec. Anthony Meister (ER) 7-0

113 Austin Brenner (SCT) Dec. Garrett Caldon (ER) 3-0

120 Ben Gibas (ER) Dec. Tucker Brouwer (SCT) 5-0

126 Brian Hansen (ER) Fall Tyler Doering (SCT) :25

132 Cole Moening (ER) Fall Will Kranz (SCT) :21

138 Kyle Ziemer (ER) Fall Lucas Grams (SCT) :49

145 Sam Gibas (ER) Fall Joe Klontz (SCT) 4:12

152 Cole Schreder (STC) Maj. Dec. Casey Schilz (ER) 17-7

160 Ryan Osberg (ER) Won by Forfeit

170 Tyler Hugg (SCT) Dec. Michael Young (ER) 7-4

182 Aaron Hannan (ER) Fall Jeffrey Karros (SCT) 4:34

195 Brendon Simmonds (ER) Dec. Micah Mangel (SCT) 10-3

220 Bobby Schmitz (ER) Dec, Noah Voigt (SCT) 10-8

285 Stephen McGuire (ER) Fall Derek Kiffmeyer (SCT) 4:49


St. Cloud Tech 58  Hammond Baptist, Ind.

106 Graham Nistler (SCT) Fall Jason Sadlowski (HB) 2:58

113 Austin Brenner (SCT) Fall Jonathan Martinez (HB) 1:20

120 Raymond Martinez (HB) Fall Tucker Brouwer (SCT) 1:13

126 Kreg Carpenter (HB) Dec. Jayden Sundstrom (SCT) 4-0

132 Will Kranz (SCT) Maj.Dec. Husman Taddad (HB) 14-3

138 Kevin Argueta (HB) Fall Lucas Grams (SCT) 3:09

145 Joe Klontz (SCT) Fall J. C. Rodriguez (HB) 3:34

152 Double Forfeit

160 Cole Schreder (SCT) Fall Jake Sadlowski (HB) 1:51

170 Tyler Hugg (SCT) Fall Brian Oralla (HB) 1:49

182 Jeffrey Karros (SCT) Fall Damian Dominguez (HB) 3:42

195 Micah Mangel (SCT) Won by Forfeit

220 Derek Kiffmeyer (SCT) Won by Forfeit

285 James Prince (SCT) Won by Forfeit


The Tigers went 1-2 at the Rogers "Royal Rumble" Duals; Dallas Hooper, Austin Brenner and Cole Schreder were all 3-0 at the Rogers event.


Rogers Duals



Dassel Cokato 42  St.Cloud Tech 27

106 Dallas Hooper (SCT) Maj. Dec. Brody Schmidt (DC) 13-0

113 Austin Brenner (SCT) Fall Blake Braunworth (DC) :38

120 Max Dresow (SCT) Tech. Fall Cody Mathews (DC) 4:00

126 Tom Keskey (DC) Fall Jayden Sundstrom (SCT) 1:03

132 Conner Peterson (DC) Fall Will Kranz (SCT) 2:17

138 Jack Anderson (DC) Won by Forfeit

145 Cameron Steffen (DC) Dec. Jacob Johnson (SCT) 7-3

152 Cole Schreder (SCT) Fall Clay Brost (DC) 3;04

160 Tom Halonen (DC) Dec.Alex VanHeel (SCT) 8-4

170 Tyler Hugg (SCT) Fall Zach Brost (DC) 1:44

182 Aaron Aho (DC) Fall Jeffrey Karros (SCT) 1:01

195 Jacob Brost (DC) Fall Micah Mangel (SCT) 1:24

220 Derek Antil (DC) Fall Derek Kiffmeyer (SCT) 1:19

285 Double Forfeit


Consolation Semifinals

St. Cloud Tech 52 St. Agnes 9

106 Dallas Hooper (SCT) Maj. Dec. Phil Skeps (STA) 13-5

113 Austin Brenner (SCT) Default

120 Max Dresow (SCT) Fall Max Cummings (STA) ;37

126 Jayden Sundstrom (SCT) Fall Matt Tibesar (STA) :59

132 Will Kranz (SCT) Won by Forfeit

138 Double Forfeit

145 Jacob Johnson (SCT) Fall Joe Ryan (STA) 1:21

152 Cole Schreder (SCT) Fall Roger Dickerson (STA) 1:06

160 Double Forfeit

170 Tyler Hugg (SCT) Fall Mark Jackson (STA) 1:16

182 Kevin Henry (STA)Dec. Jeffrey  Karros (SCT) 3-2

195 Wyatt Lanning (STA) Fall Micah Mangel (SCT) 3:35

220 Derek Kiffmeyer (SCT) Won by Forfeit

285 Double Forfeit


Fifth Place

Goodhue 45 St. Cloud Tech 30

106 Dallas Hooper (SCT) Fall John Altendorf (G) 1:37

113 Austin Brenner (SCDT) Maj. Dec. Kaleb O'Reilly (G) 10-2

120 Jole Gadient (G) Fall Max Dresow (SCT) 1:59

126 Bailee O'Reilly (G) Fall Jayden Sundstrom (SCT) :46

132 Matthew Lexvold (G) Fall Tucker Brouwer (SCT) 3:16

138 Mason Huemann (G) Won by Forfeit

145 Jacob Johnson (SCT) Dec. Logan Breuer (G) 3-1

152 Cole Schteder (SCT) Tech. Fall Riley Huemann (G) 5:39

160 Casey Deneen (G) Won by Forfeit

170 Tyler Hugg (SCT) Fall Matthew Deneen (G) 1:50

182 Charles Dahling (G) Fall Jeffrey Karros (SCT) 3:25

195 Micah Mangel (SCT) Fall Zach Scott (G) 1:27

220 Ben Ramboldt (G) Dec. Derek Kiffmeyer (SCT) 7-1

285 Josh Dahling (G) Won by Forfeit


Tuesday   January 21          Sauk Rapids at Sauk Rapids


Thursday  January 23          Brainerd at Tech


Thursday  January 30          Sartell at Sartell


Friday       January 31           Melrose Triangular (Big Lake;Melrose) 5:00

Tuesday  February 4          Little Falls at Little Falls






The Storm went 3-2 in duals as they topped two foes at the Royalton Quadrangular on January 14th and split duals on January 17th at the Pierz Triangular. Tony Bemboom, Korey Keske and Blake Keske were all 3-0 at the Royalton event.





Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 60  Sauk Rapids 15

106 Brayden Bertram (BHV) Dec. Hunter Rajkowski (SR) 5-0

113 Tony Bemboom (SR) Fall Anthony Kern (BHV) 3:31

120 Justin Gordon (BHV) Fall Logan Siemers (SR) 1:55

126 Marshall Willis (BHV) Dec. Taylor Rau (SR) 9-4

132 Korey Keske (SR) Fall Zack Waln (BHV) 3:01

138 Holton Truax (BHV) Fall Brent Lindgren (SR) 1:27

145 Ethan Kimber (BHV) Fall Andrew Tran (SR) 1:42

152 Andrew Cihlar (BHV) Fall Blake Rychner (SR) 5:42

160 Brady Baker (BHV) Won by Forfeit

170 Hayden Truax (BHV) Fall Tristan Emery (SR) 1:59

182 John French (BHV) Fall Tanner Maier (SR) 2:46

195 Blake Keske (SR) Dec. Andrew Bounds (BHV) 8-5

220 Dillon Card (BHV) Fall Dylan Vait (SR) 2:38

285 Dalton Baker (BHV) Fall Adam Gessel (SR) 1:04


Royalton/Upsala 48 Sauk Rapids 34

106 Hunter Rajkowski (SR) Fall Lyle Zimmerman (R/U) :54

113 Tony Bemboom (SR) Fall Michael Petron (R/U) 2:47

120 Jackson Held (R/U) Fall Logan Siemers (SR) 2:40

126 Taylor Rau (SR) Maj. Dec. Joe Jenson (R/U) 8-0

132 Korey Keske (SR) Fall Mat Neu (R/U) 1:34

138 Cody Wensman (R/U) Fall Brent Lindgren (SR) 3:32

145 Ty Held (R/U) Fall Andrew Tran 1:47

152 Brady Moulzolf (R/U) Fall Blake Rychner (SR) 2:59

160 Shawn Urbanski (R/U) Won by Forfeit

170 Mitch Lange (R/U) Fall Tristan Emery (SR) 1:03

182 Kyle Lange (R/U) Fall Tanner Maier (SR) :51

195 Blake Keske (SR) Won by Forfeit

220 Dylan Vait (SR) Won by Forfeit

285 Clinton Gadacz (R/U) Fall Adam Gessel (SR) 2:13



Sauk Rapids 45  Prairie Valley 15

106 Hunter Rajkowski (SR) Won by Forfeit

113 Tony Bemboom (SR) Won by Forfeit

120 Logan Siemers (SR) Won by Forfeit

126 Taylor Rau (SR) Won by Forfeit

132 Korey Keske (SR) Fall Nolan Hart (PV) 1:40

138 Tom Leesberg (PV) Fall Brent Lindgren (SR) 1:43

145 Zach Ward (PV) Fall Andrew Tran (SR) 2:56

152 Blake Rychner (SR) Dec. C. J. Marotto (SR) 8-6

160 Tristan Emery (SR) Won by Forfeit

170 Double Forfeit

182 Tanner Maier (SR) Won by Forfeit

195 Blake Keske (SR) Won by Forfeit

220 Dylan Vait (SR) Won by Forfeit

285 Adam Gessel (SR) Won by Forfeit




Pierz 66 Sauk Rapids 9

106 Brandon Ortman (PIE) Fall Hunter Rajkowski (SR) 3:45

113 Tony Bemboom (SR) Dec. Cole Brausen (PIE) 8-3

120 Brandon Sullivan (PIE) Dec. Taylor Rau (SR) 3-0

126 Andrew Tomala (PIE) DQ David Nelson (SR0

132 Chris Ortman (PIE) Fall Korey Keske (SR) 3:01

138 Evan Woitalla (PIE) Fall Brent Lindgren (SR) :38

145 Kolton Eischens (PIE) Fall Blake Rychner (SR) 3:05

152 Bret Kapsner (PIE) Fall Andrew Tran (SR) 1:23

160 Jordon Goebel (PIE) Won by Forfeit

170 Grant Smude (PIE) Won by Forfeit

182 Teddy Dehler (PIE) Won by Forfeit

195 Austin Gall (PIE) Won by Forfeit

220 Ryley Smude (PIE) Dec. Dylan Vait (SR) 8-2

285 Adam Gesell (SR) Won by Forfeit


Sauk Rapids 48 Crosby-Ironton 21



Tuesday January 21             Double Dual  St. Cloud Tech (6:15) Rocori (7:30)


Thursday January 23           Big Lake at Big Lake


Saturday January 25            Fergus Falls "Pudge Anderson" Duals 10:00


Tuesday January 28             Brainerd at Brainerd


Thursday January 30            Willmar at Sauk Rapids






The Eagles had a good tournament performance as they earned 131 points and nine place winners to take third place at the New London-Spicer "Wildcat" Invitational.


New London-Spicer Place Winners

Nick Graham              1st Place         182 Pounds

Peters Nelson             1st Place         126 Pounds

Bryce Kirchner            1st Place         285 Pounds

Alex Pachan               3rd Place         106 Pounds

Martin Hanson            3rd Place         195 Pounds

Kevin Cao                   4th Place         220 Pounds

Brett Kirchner              4th Place         132 Pounds

Ryan Sok                    4th Place         113 Pounds

Robo Ibro                    4th Place         145 Pounds



Friday January 24     Sartell Triangular (Little Falls; Sartell) 5:00


Thursday January 30 Alexandria at Home


Saturday February 1  Alexandria "Big Ole" Invitational  11:30



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