Tactical Tuesday

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Jason Falconer joins Bob Hughes and discusses rule number for gun safety on KNSI.

Tactical Tuesday 7-17-18

Posted Oct 8, 2018 AT 11:20 am

Jason Faulkner from Tactical Advantage

Tactical Tuesday 7-10-18

Posted Oct 8, 2018 AT 11:19 am

Tactical Tuesday 7-3-18

Posted Oct 8, 2018 AT 11:17 am

Tactical Tuesday with Jason Falconer 7-10-18

Posted Jul 10, 2018 AT 8:07 am

Tactical Tuesday 1 30 18

Posted Feb 7, 2018 AT 2:45 pm

Jason Falconer from Tactical Advantage explains the importance of not pulling your handgun out of its holster while shopping for new one, on today's installment of Tactical Tuesday.

tactical tuesday

Posted Jan 29, 2018 AT 1:19 pm

Tactical Tuesday topics are covered with Jason Falconer each Tuesday at Tactical Advantage! Building the Draw, AR-15 classes - and more! Listen up!

Spring Cleaning and Extending the Life of your Firearm

Posted Jan 17, 2018 AT 10:46 am

On today's edition of Tactical Tuesday, Jason Falconer describes how proper spring cleaning - and regular cleaning - can lengthen the life of your firearm, as well as the importance of overall firearm safety, on KNSI.

Nothing says "I LOVE YOU" better than speed dating with a gun!

Posted Jan 17, 2018 AT 10:39 am

It is Valentines Day, and nothing says, "I LOVE YOU!" better than speed dating with a gun! Jason Falconer also covers why sending your loved one to a basic situational awareness class is a good idea, on Tactical Tuesday.

Date Night & Speed Dating With a Gun

Posted Jan 15, 2018 AT 12:19 pm

Jason Falconer discusses how to show a girl a good time with a gun during date night and speed dating on this edition of Tactical Tuesday on KNSI.

Classes, training at home, and having a range plan

Posted Jan 12, 2018 AT 9:29 am

Classes, training at home, and having a range plan are the topic of discussion with Jason Falconer on this KNSI edition of Tactical Tuesday.