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Dr. John Palmer from Concerned Community Citizens discusses St. Cloud Issues Segment 2

Posted Dec 15, 2017 AT 3:21 pm

Mayor Dave Kleis discusses the city taking over ownership the old Tech High School building

Posted Dec 11, 2017 AT 5:06 pm

Mayor Dave Kleis continues the Tech H.S. conversation

Posted Dec 11, 2017 AT 5:00 pm

Ox has a conversation with Woodbury Mayor & Gubernatorial Candidate Mary Giuliani Stephens

Posted Dec 11, 2017 AT 4:57 pm

Senator Mary Kiffmeyer talks about several issues including the resignation announcement from Al Franken

Posted Dec 7, 2017 AT 5:02 pm

Congressman Tom Emmer has his regular conversation with Ox

Posted Dec 7, 2017 AT 4:59 pm

Representative Jim Knoblach discusses the budget forecast as well as the resignation of Al Franken

Posted Dec 7, 2017 AT 4:56 pm

Fred Brown with Common Sense Energy Solutions gives an Enbridge Pipeline update

Posted Dec 6, 2017 AT 4:26 pm

Elizabeth Wefel with the Coalition of Greater MN Cities discusses many cities' water infrastructure being outdated

Posted Dec 6, 2017 AT 4:09 pm

Author & Publisher Thomas Del Beccaro discusses Trump officially recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's Capital

Posted Dec 6, 2017 AT 4:01 pm

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