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RNC Spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany discusses polling in MN Races & Fundraising

Posted Oct 22, 2018 AT 4:31 pm

Dave Ray from FAIR discusses the mob of people working their way toward the southern U.S. border

Posted Oct 19, 2018 AT 4:10 pm

Ray Herrington from 7 West Taphouse gives details on "5th Avenue Live"

Posted Oct 19, 2018 AT 4:02 pm

Attorney General Candidate Doug Wardlow discusses his campaign & Keith Ellison

Posted Oct 18, 2018 AT 5:00 pm

Lara Trump talks about being part of the Trump family, how she and Eric met and what she's doing in Minnesota

Posted Oct 18, 2018 AT 4:59 pm

Kim Crockett from the Center of the American Experiment talks about CAIR's list of Anti-Muslim Groups & Rhetoric

Posted Oct 17, 2018 AT 5:04 pm

St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce President Teresa Bohnen talks about the Sartell School Levy

Posted Oct 3, 2018 AT 5:03 pm

Eric Trump chats with Ox ahead of President Trump's visit to Rochester, MN

Posted Oct 3, 2018 AT 4:20 pm

Retired 2 Star General Jerry Lang talks about the sanctions on Iran by President Trump

Posted Oct 3, 2018 AT 4:18 pm

MN Senator & Candidate for U.S. Senate Karin Housley talks about the Keith Ellison allegations

Posted Oct 2, 2018 AT 5:09 pm

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