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Senator Mark Johnson talks about making people earn their government benefits

Posted Mar 12, 2018 AT 5:01 pm

Senator Scott Newman discusses a surprising MNLARS Bill

Posted Mar 12, 2018 AT 4:59 pm

Congressman Tom Emmer has his weekly conversation with Ox

Posted Mar 12, 2018 AT 4:57 pm

Representative Tama Theis discusses legislative issues with Steve Gottwalt

Posted Mar 9, 2018 AT 3:26 pm

Sr. District Exec. Dir. of Central MN Boy Scouts Sam Ross talks with Steve Gottwalt about an upcoming event

Posted Mar 9, 2018 AT 3:24 pm

Senator Mary Kiffmeyer discusses her plan to get rid of MNIT

Posted Mar 8, 2018 AT 3:35 pm

Rollie Lange talks convention of states

Posted Mar 8, 2018 AT 3:32 pm

Printus Leblanc from Americans for Limited Government discusses the legal ramifications of the Oakland Mayor warning of an ICE raid

Posted Mar 7, 2018 AT 4:53 pm

MN State Tourism Director John Edman talks about the state of tourism

Posted Mar 6, 2018 AT 4:53 pm

Brian McDaniel from Progress in Motion talks about ways to get money to fund roads and bridges

Posted Mar 6, 2018 AT 4:38 pm

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