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Michael Cutler Segment 2

Posted Jun 19, 2018 AT 5:01 pm

Gubernatorial Candidate Tim Pawlenty joins Ox in the Afternoon

Posted Jun 15, 2018 AT 4:01 pm

General Jerry Lang joins Ox in the Afternoon to commemorate The U.S. Army's 243rd Birthday

Posted Jun 14, 2018 AT 5:32 pm

Senator Jim Abeler chats with Ox about his disdain for the DHS

Posted Jun 14, 2018 AT 5:30 pm

Paris Dennard from the RNC discusses the Inspector General's Report regarding in part the Hillary Clinton emails issue

Posted Jun 14, 2018 AT 5:27 pm

Andy Cilek from the MN Voters Alliance talks about a SCOTUS decision on a MN Election Law

Posted Jun 14, 2018 AT 5:23 pm

Jim Tuorilla 6-12-18

Posted Jun 13, 2018 AT 1:15 pm

Dave Jacobs from Jacobs Financial has news about this year's Swing Fore Charity Golf Outing

Posted Jun 6, 2018 AT 5:07 pm

Rotarian Troy Fritz gives a preview of this season's Summertime by George events

Posted Jun 6, 2018 AT 5:05 pm

RNC National Spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany discusses Keith Ellison running for MN Attorney General

Posted Jun 5, 2018 AT 5:08 pm

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