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Jason Falconer On With KNSI

Posted Sep 15, 2017 AT 4:59 pm

Bob Hughes interviews Jason Falconer about stopping the St. Cloud Mall Attack

Posted Sep 15, 2017 AT 2:10 pm

Tactical Tuesday, Episode 1

Posted Sep 14, 2017 AT 9:46 pm

Jason Falconer joins Bob Hughes and discusses rule number for gun safety on KNSI.

Tactical Tuesday Kristie Watson 12/27/16

Posted Jan 23, 2017 AT 12:10 pm

Chuck Lennon joins Bob Hughes

Posted May 5, 2016 AT 7:23 pm

Chad Niezgocki, owner of Granite City Tire & Auto

Posted Apr 29, 2016 AT 9:51 pm

Boating season is here and Chad Niezgocki from Granite CIty Tire & Auto joins Bob Hughes to talk boat trailer safety.

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