Jake Judd

Police: Man Knocked Woman's Teeth Out

Oct 16, 2018 AT 6:18 pm

The woman says she was attacked as she got out of the shower

Court Won't Block Ellison's Divorce File

Oct 16, 2018 AT 5:43 pm

Ellison asked the court to block the files release

Airport Ready For Big Travel Weekend

Oct 16, 2018 AT 4:51 pm

Officials say MEA weekend is one of the busiest times of the year

Man Accused Of Killing Infant

Oct 16, 2018 AT 4:12 pm

Investigators say the child died from blunt force trauma

Meth Dealer Headed To Prison

Oct 16, 2018 AT 3:16 pm

He was selling large amounts of methamphetamine in the St. Cloud area

Homecoming Returns To SCSU

Oct 16, 2018 AT 1:55 pm

It's the first time the university has celebrated Homecoming since 2010

Level 3 Offender Moves To St. Cloud

Oct 14, 2018 AT 5:42 pm

He was convicted of breaking into a home and sexually assaulting a woman

Dayton's Back Surgery A Success

Oct 12, 2018 AT 6:15 pm

It was the third time doctors fused his vertebrae

Police: Wanted Drug Dealer Arrested

Oct 12, 2018 AT 6:04 pm

Investigators say he was selling heroin in the St. Cloud area

I-94 To Be Expanded To Three Lanes

Oct 12, 2018 AT 5:23 pm

The expansion will be between Clearwater and Monticello