Contests And On-Air Promotions


Join KNSI and The Ox every 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Red Carpet Martini Lounge and go over issues of the day while enjoying food and drinks!

Grilling the Ox

"GRILL" The Ox to win dinner for two! Talk food with the Ox and Famous Dave’s on the first Thursday of the month. Call in to grill the Ox about any and all topics, then by a spin of the KNSI prize wheel you could win a $25 gift card to Famous Dave’s!

First Fuel Friday

Every Friday, Ox will open up the phones and if you can name the current price of gas at First Fuel Bank, then you win $25 in gas with First Fuel Bank!

West Side Liquor Wine Line

Join Ox Tuesdays to learn about wine! How to properly pair wine with food, the process of winemaking, how wine affects the palette, how NOT to be a wine snob, and more! Call with your wine of the week to win a $25 gift card to Westside Liquor!


TACTICAL TUESDAY is an opportunity for Jason falconer with Tactical Advantage to discuss shooting safety and answer common permit to carry questions. Listen in to win a $15 Range Token from Tactical Advantage!

Fat Guy at the Movies

KNIS and Sok's Rapid Car Wash bring you Kevin Carr's “Fat guys at the movies”. Each Friday morning at 7:23 am, Kevin Carr covers the big movies to see – or not- with Bob Hughes. Listen to find out how you can win a Sok’s Rapid Car Wash FREE car wash!

Read the General Contest Rules for KNSI Radio Contests. Other contests may have additional specific rules that apply.