Show Highlights Farming Tradition

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Feb 27, 2013 at 1:03 pm

ST. CLOUD, Minn. (KNSI) - The 46th annual Central Minnesota Farm Show is in full swing in downtown St. Cloud. The trade show, being held at the River's Edge Convention Center, connects farmers with over 200 vendors and experts in farming products, technology and support services.

Greg Theis is the chair of the farm show, which he's busy helping to plan a year in advance. He says one of the things he likes most about the show is that there's something new to discover every year.

"This year we have a robotic milker. It milks two cows at a time, all computerized and its really fun to watch," Theis says. "We have the newest technology here, and that's what makes it so fun for me."

Theis himself grew up on a farm. He says, in spite of tough economic times, farming is still a top local industry. According to state statistics, there are over 4,000 farms in the St. Cloud area. Stearns County comes in first in Minnesota in cattle value, milk production, corn and oats.

Theis says the industry is thriving thanks to technology, and he enjoys seeing how the show unifies generations of family members.

"Central Minnesota's known for Century Farms, so it's fun to see grandpas coming in here with their grandkids, who are farming now," Theis says. "They're not just farming 40 acres anymore. They're farming thousands of acres, and they may not have the manpower. So it's fun to introduce them to the latest technologies."

The Central Minnesota Farm Show wraps up tomorrow afternoon.

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