YMCA Attracting More Members

YMCA Attracting More Members Click to Enlarge Photo: Steven Coursolle (KNSI)

(KNSI) - The St. Cloud Area YMCA & Aquatics Center has seen a significant jump in members since it opened its new facility eight months ago.

The $23.3 million facility had around 7,800 members when it opened in May of 2017.

Executive Director Greg Gack says they now have more than 13,000 members, more than a 44 percent increase.

"Our community has been coming over and embracing and utilizing really all the different spaces, and whether it's early in the morning or late at night, it's exciting and encouraging for us to see this building being vibrant and always active."

The amount of classes at the 106,000 square foot building has increased significantly as well, growing from 40 to just under 110.

Gack says the classes and boot camps they offer are a great way to help members reach their physical goals and assist them to live a healthier lifestyle.

During the Y's design process the addition of an outdoor water park was looked into.

He says the board and staff have concentrated on giving people the best experience they can in the facility they have, before possibly expanding.

"We've been so focused on getting this building open and making this building successful, that we have not forgot about those goals and aspirations, we just haven't had a priority meeting to say what is the next step."

Gack did say they would be doing more research into an outdoor water park, but would also be asking the community what they'd like to see before moving ahead with any plans.

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