Volunteers To Help Hurricane Recovery

Volunteers To Help Hurricane Recovery Click to Enlarge Photo: Associated Press

(KNSI) - Volunteers from the St. Cloud chapter of the American Red Cross are in the Carolinas to help people recover from Hurricane Florence after it blows through.

The massive storm hit North Carolina near Wilmington on Friday.

Jacklin Steege, Red Cross Disaster Program Manager, says five people left ahead of the storm and they are headed there because they care.

"Just keep them in your thoughts while they're out there and weathering this storm."

The five volunteers are Suzanne Sudmeier, from Alexandria, Judy Pike, from St. Cloud, Steve Cotter, from Montevideo, Mark Wurdeman, from Isanti and Janice Springer, from Foley.

As of Friday, 40 volunteers from the state were in the Carolinas. Another four volunteers from the St. Cloud area are getting ready to leave on Monday. The volunteers will be in the disaster zone for at least three weeks.

Steeger says the best way to help is to donate cash.

"I know a big thing people want to do, they understand that people lost so much stuff and they want to donate stuff, but that's not the best way to help."

She says it costs too much to ship, clean and sort through donations. Steeger says it's cheaper to buy supplies near the disaster zone and it helps rebuild the affected area's economy.

Steege says 91-cents of every dollar donated goes directly to disaster aid and they're always looking for volunteers.

Steege says they send volunteers anytime there's a big national disaster.

In August of 2017, the chapter sent volunteers to help when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.

For more about how can help the victims of Hurricane Florence and other disasters, click here.

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