Unique Push For Blood Donations

Unique Push For Blood Donations Click to Enlarge Photo: Jake Judd (KNSI)

(KNSI) - Several iconic American brands are altering their logos to draw attention to the need for blood donors.

The letters A, B and O are being removed from company names like Domino's, Oreo, Google, IBM and Minnesota based Land O' Lakes.

Iconic brands are joining the #MissingType movement this summer to raise awareness that new blood donors are needed every day to save the lives of patients who depend on the generosity of volunteer donors.

Linda Blackmore, Executive Director of the American Red Cross of Central Minnesota, says the blood supply drops when kids are out of school and families are busy with their summer plans.

"What we're trying to do is to get new donors, maybe donors that haven't donated in a while to come in and donate so we can fill those shelves back up."

Holly Midas with the Red Cross says blood donations save the lives of people in accidents and people fighting cancer.

"It's such an easy process to do, to just jump on that bed and give, you never know if you’re going to need it or one of your family members will need it."

Officials say fewer people than ever are donating blood.

Over the past four years, new donors have decreased by about 80,000 each year.

Officials say it takes 45 minutes to an hour to donate blood and one to two hours to donate blood platelets.

To help pass the time while you donate, some TVs with Netflix and cable have been installed thanks to a donation from the Women's Eagles Auxiliary Post 622 St. Cloud.

To donate blood, you can contact or stop by the St. Cloud chapter of the American Red Cross is at 1301 West St. Germain in St. Cloud. They're open seven days a week.

You can also call 1-800-Give-Life.

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