State Fair Food Vendor drops Items

State Fair Food Vendor drops Items Click to Enlarge Photo: Minnesota State Fair

(KNSI) - The Minnesota State Fair is looking to make its carbon footprint a little smaller by reducing vendors' use of plastic.

The Minnesota State Fair released the official new food list on June 18th and have been recieving feedback since.

The biggest concern was the Wingwalker Donut Flight using plastic syringes for customers to fill their donuts with creams, custards and jams.

The food vendor, The Hangar, along with the fair have decided that plastic syringes will not be used as part of the Wingwalker Donut Flight, instead the donut holes will be served in a compostable tray with three compartments that can be used for dunking the donut holes in Bavarian cream, chocolate custard and Minnesota lingonberry jam.

The small family-owned business, The Hangar, has been committed to improving its sustainability efforts. The owners will be changing their food trays to eco trays made from recycled paper products, utensils made from wood instead of plastic and eco-friendly napkins.

The state fair has since been exploring more eco-friendly options.

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