Sheriff Warns of Mail Theft

Sheriff Warns of Mail Theft Click to Enlarge Photo: KNSI News

(KNSI) - The Stearns County Sheriff's Office is warning residents about an uptick in mail theft reports.

Deputies say if you notice anyone or anything suspicious near mailboxes, to report it to law enforcement immediately.

They also say it's important to get your mail from your mailboxes as soon as you can after delivery.

Some of the reports of mail thefts have come from the 15000 block of 8th Avenue in Lynden Township.

In one report several Amazon packages were taken.

A witness told authorities they say a small gray car with a loud exhaust.

Other thefts have occurred on 13th Avenue, 35th Avenue and Dellwood Road in Fairhaven Township.

The sheriff's office says, typically these types of thieves are looking for mail that contains checks that they can "wash" and write in another name with higher amounts and then cash.

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