Senator Talks Legislative Session

Senator Talks Legislative Session Click to Enlarge Photo: KNSI News

(KNSI) - A state Senator from St. Cloud shares his top priorities during the 2019 legislative session.

Jerry Relph is starting his third year at the Capitol and talked with KNSI's Steve Gottwalt about some legislation he plans to carry including a bill to help get more child care providers, without regulating them out of business.

"Hopefully, we're going to provide some kind of anonymous call in line, where they would be able to simply call in ask, what temperature should my water heater be at, something like that and not have to worry about it triggering an inspection."

The vice chair of the family and aging committee says part of the problem is small child care providers are governed by the county and large providers are controlled by the state causing discrepancies in regulation and enforcement.

Relph says the state has lost more than 3,100 daycares in the last five years.

He also says we need a bill to help people as they age be able to stay where they live.

"I've said all along that there's not enough nursing and assisted living care beds in the state to handle the oncoming aging population but there actually are, they're called homes."

He also wants to pass legislation that will include "granny cameras" and an elder care bill of rights to help save the state's aging population from elder abuse.

Listen to the conversation, here.

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