Senator Talks Childcare

Senator Talks Childcare Click to Enlarge Photo: Steven Coursolle (KNSI)

(KNSI) - Senator Tina Smith was in St. Cloud to listen and discuss improving childcare throughout the state.

Several in-home childcare providers joined the senator at United Way of Central Minnesota Saturday and told the senator that all the regulations in the industry are driving providers out of the business, which Smith says can be fixed.

"We out to just take a look, not to lower standards at all because we need to make sure kids are in safe environments, but just see if we can make it a few less hoops for people to jump through."

She says retaining enough childcare professionals to meet demand is difficult, but helping encourage people to get into the field would benefit everyone.

"There's a real shortage of teachers, of educators who have the training and background that is needed, and that will help bring wages up."

Smith is touring cities across Minnesota to hear from different childcare organizations and professionals on possible ways to bring costs down and create more access for families in need of childcare.

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