Refugee Watchdog Group Has Name

Refugee Watchdog Group Has Name Click to Enlarge Photo: Steven Coursolle (KNSI)

(KNSI) - A group of people working to force St. Cloud to address community concerns over refugee resettlement has selected a name for their organization.

The group will be called Concerned Community Citizens (C-Cubed). There are 150 members on the groups email list.

John Palmer, the founder of C-Cubed, says they’re looking at proposing a referendum on refugee resettlement, recruiting candidates for office or proposing an initiative. Palmer wouldn’t offer any details on a referendum.

"Our group isn't going to let politicians pass the buck, they're elected to represent the area."

At the groups most recent meeting earlier this week, they formed a steering committee of a dozen people to look at the impact of refugee resettlement in St. Cloud.

"We do not look at ourselves as adversaries, we are concerned citizens in the community and we believe the community needs to respond."

The committee will coordinate communication with the group and public, perform data analysis, candidate recruitment, and monitoring the activities of the city council, Stearns County Board of Commissioners and the St. Cloud Area School District School Board.

"This is not a small undertaking, we want to be successful, we're going to be very deliberate in each of the steps that we take."

The group, which has met twice, will meet again in early January to look at whether they will go for a referendum, recall city council members or propose an initiative.

The group is hoping to have an impact on local elections in 2018.

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