Police Seeking Blowtorch Wielding Suspect

Police Seeking Blowtorch Wielding Suspect Click to Enlarge

ST. CLOUD, MInn. (KNSI) - The St. Cloud Police department says someone is using a blowtorch to break into banks and commit other thefts.

Police say the suspect used a rock to break a window and gain entry to Bremer Bank, at 4150 2nd Street South, and then used a blowtorch to open the teller drawers.

The suspect grabbed some cash from the drawers and fled the scene.

Police believe the same suspect used a rock to break the drive-thru window at Wells Fargo, at 200 33rd Avenue South.

The window was damaged, but the suspect was unable to gain entry, so they used the blowtorch to try and melt the glass, which didn't work.

A third incident happened at an apartment complex in the 1900 block of Quarry Road, where the fire department responded to a pop machine on fire, apparently from the suspect melting the change box in an attempt to gain entry.

Video surveillance shows a suspect with a torch and a yellow tank, consistent with a Bernzomatic blowtorch.

Anyone with information about the suspect should call police at 320-251-1200, or Crime Stoppers at 800-255-1301.

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