Police: Man Choked Woman

Police: Man Choked Woman Click to Enlarge Photo: Stearns County Jail

(KNSI) - A man with a history of domestic assaults has been accused of choking a woman in St. Cloud.

Police say Mark Aaron Jacobson attacked the woman after he became upset that she threw a pillow on his legs while he was lying in bed on Monday night.

Investigators say the 36-year-old man told the woman she couldn’t sleep in the bed and she went to sleep on the couch in the living room.

The woman says Jacobson took a blanker off of her and threw it into a hallway.

According to the criminal complaint, the woman tried to walk into the bedroom and Jacobson followed her, grabbed her by the neck and forced her out of the room and tried to force her out of the home.

She says she was able to grab onto Jacobson which kept him from being able to lock her out.

The complaint states that Jacobson then grabbed the woman by the neck and threw her down onto the couch.

She says she was afraid and had difficulty breathing during the attack.

Jacobson is charged with two felony counts of domestic assault-with two or more prior convictions for domestic assault and domestic assault by strangulation, also a felony.

Bond was set at $100,000. His next court date is October 18th.

Jacobson was convicted of domestic assault in Benton County in 2009. In 2013 he was convicted of violating a domestic abuse no contact order and domestic assault in Stearns County.

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