Plowing Vets Helping Out

Plowing Vets Helping Out Click to Enlarge Photo: Steven Coursolle (KNSI)

(KNSI) - Volunteers with Plowing Vets are lending a helping hand to clear driveways and sidewalks as the St. Cloud area digs out from Monday's storm.

The organization is made up of veterans and first responders that provide plowing and snowblowing services free of charge to other veterans and first responders.

Tim Meland, a local law enforcement officer, was snowblowing driveways when we caught up with him.

Meland says Plowing Vets helped out an older veteran that would've been stranded in his home when he needed to attend a funeral.

"There was no way he'd be able to get out, and he was so appreciative that we got to him in time so that he could go to a funeral."

He says it's all about helping people out who have served our country or work odd hours as law enforcement, EMS or as firefighters that often can't plow their own driveways in time.

"Just the look on these people's faces, that they're so happy that we can help them, that means a lot."

One of those appreciative veterans is Joyce Wilson, of St. Cloud.

Wilson is a disabled veteran who served 14 years in the Air Force, who was very thankful for Plowing Vets.

"It means a great deal, because it costs a lot to have the snow plowed and removed."

Veteran Nate Chapman started the organization last winter after helping out a fellow veteran who was overseas.

Chapman and his band of volunteers have around 50 driveways and lots they've been clearing this winter.

They are hoping to expand services with more volunteers next winter.

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