Council Approves Rezoning For Costco

Council Approves Rezoning For Costco Click to Enlarge Photo: Jake Judd (KNSI)

(KNSI) - The St. Cloud City Council unanimously voted to rezone a piece of Heritage Park to make way for the Costco that's planned to be built there.

The 18.8 acre portion of Heritage Park will be sold to Costco and the city plans to use that revenue to make road and sidewalk upgrades to the area of 2nd Street South and 33rd Avenue South.

At the council meeting, some people in the crowd weren't in favor of giving up park land for commercial development.

Mayor Dave Kleis says this isn't something that just popped up, the city identified the possible sale of the space in the comprehensive plan.

"In that document there was a desire to maybe look at this corner as potentially commercial, maybe the opportunity to rezone it for better use."

Kleis also said Costco chose the location, the city didn't force them to build in Heritage Park, but the company chose the location.

A public hearing has been set for the February 26 meeting to consider the road and sidewalk improvements in the area.

In December, the mayor announced on KNSI that a Costco would be coming town by the end of this year.

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