Officials Recall 121K Mowers

Officials Recall 121K Mowers Click to Enlarge Photo: Consumer Product Safety Commission

(KNSI) - A Kubota is recalling 121,100 of its mowers and compact tractors because of a risk of burning the user.

According to the voluntary recall alert from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, hot coolant can spray out onto users from the overheated and pressurized coolant reservoir tank, posing a burn hazard.

Officials say so far; three people have suffered burns from coolant ejecting.

The recalled Kubota models are BX, GR, ZD and ZG, diesel and gasoline-powered zero turn mowers, compact tractors, and ride-on mowers made from 2014 to 2018.

The data plate has the serial number and is on the side of the mowers. All recalled units are orange and black.

If your machine was recalled, stop using it immediately and contact Kubota for a free replacement cap for the coolant reservoir tank.

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