Officials Meet With Electrolux Staff

Officials Meet With Electrolux Staff Click to Enlarge Photo: Steven Coursolle (KNSI)

(KNSI) - State and local officials held a meeting with Electrolux employees on the next steps to take after the company announced the planned closure of its St. Cloud plant.

On January 30, Electrolux announced they are planning on closing the facility by the end of 2019, eliminating 900 jobs.

KNSI spoke with Chad Randall, a plant worker from St. Cloud, to get an idea about the mood among the employees.

"We're going about our business, of course we're sad that this happened, but right now we're just waiting to see what happens."

Senator Amy Klobuchar didn't mince words on her thoughts on how the company handled their announcement of the closure.

"I thought that was just horribly handled by the company, but we can't just dwell on that, we have to go on to get the best deal for the workers and the best deal for St. Cloud."

Senator Tina Smith says having local workforce centers and federal job placement specialists at the meeting was a good sign.

"Everybody is wanting to pull together to make sure this transition is as smooth as possible for these really, really, valuable workers and St. Cloud residents."

Congressman Tom Emmer says the skilled workers will have offerings to help land another job in what he says is a favorable job market for people looking for work.

"Whether it's retraining, whether it's other educational opportunities to help people be ready for that transition when it comes."

Representatives from St. Cloud Technical and Community College were on hand to discuss getting the workers education or training in other fields to aid in securing a job in a releated field, or in a new field.

Electrolux says it's consolidating the company's operations to their facility in South Carolina.

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