Officer Assaulted, Prison On Lockdown

Officer Assaulted, Prison On Lockdown Click to Enlarge Photo: KNSI News

(KNSI) - The St. Cloud prison was put on lockdown after a corrections officer was assaulted Wednesday afternoon.

Authorities say the assault happened around 1 p.m. when an offender was being processed and taken to his cell.

The Minnesota Department of Corrections says the sergeant was elbowed in the face, and other officers immediately responded and restrained the offender.

Officials say, due to the officers' rapid response, the situation was contained.

The sergeant was taken to St. Cloud Hospital for evaluation.

The Department of Corrections issued the following statement:

"Our highest priority at the Minnesota Department of Corrections is protecting the safety of our officers, staff, and inmates. We take any assault on a member of our staff extremely seriously. This incident, like any assault on our officers, will be fully investigated. The offender responsible will be held accountable. We thank the Corrections Officers whose immediate and professional response was essential in containing the situation and ensuring the safety of their colleague."

A corrections officer at the St. Cloud prison was on with KNSI's Ox in the Afternoon after Stillwater officer Joseph Gomm was killed by an inmate to talk about the challenges they face every day.

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