Lawmaker Doesn't Support Expanding MinnesotaCare

Lawmaker Doesn't Support Expanding MinnesotaCare Click to Enlarge Photo: Minnesota Senate

(KNSI) - Republicans are speaking out after Democrats in the state Legislature proposed a bill to open up a state health care program for the working poor to everyone.

Republican State Senator Jim Abler, from Anoka, is chair of the Health and Human Services Finance and Policy Committee and was a guest with Steve Gottwalt on KNSI's Ox in the after.

"The idea of MinnesotaCare for all is simplistic and it's not going to work."

He says it's because the state short changes medical providers.

"MinnesotaCare does cost less, that's only because they pay the rural hospitals rates that they can't even do business at and so, the real challenge is how do we make it so people can afford their health care."

Abler says part of the problem is greed by the medical industry.

"I've been trying to look up and see what a Tylenol costs at a hospital and I bet it's $25 for something you can by a whole bottle of for $2.50 somewhere. So, that $25 came out of your premium. Part of this is fake inflated costs that someone is getting rich off of for no reason."

He says the state needs to focus on ways to bring the cost of insurance down.

Abler thinks it will be very difficult for a MinnesotaCare for all bill to pass the Senate.

Listen to the interview, here.

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