Kids Practice Drills During NFP Week

Kids Practice Drills During NFP Week Click to Enlarge Photo: Jake Judd (KNSI)

(KNSI) - The St. Cloud Fire Department has been going to schools teaching kids about fire safety during National Fire Prevention Week.

At Madison Elementary School, Firefighter John Cheesebrow supervised as students went through their fire drill on Thursday.

"They got out in 2:07 seconds and that's certainly plenty fast. They're in good shape to get that many students out that fast."

Madison has around 780 students.

Cheesbrow says firefighters go to the school's every October and teach kids what to do if their smoke alarm goes off at home.

"We talk about staying low and getting out of the house or out of the building safely, meeting with their families at a predetermined spot, checking their bedroom door for heat and whether or not they need to just stay put in their bedroom so a firefighter can come help them, and we talk about things like stop, drop and roll and just general fire safety."

Firefighters also teach kids to check their smoke detectors at home to make sure they're working.

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