Huge Crowd For SBG Opener

Huge Crowd For SBG Opener Click to Enlarge Photo: KNSI News

(KNSI) - The 2018 slate of Summertime by George! concerts got off to a great start Wednesday night with the Johnny Holm Band performing in front of a huge crowd at Lake George.

The night got started with the National Anthem by Taylor Haselkamp and the presentation of colors by St. Cloud Metro Vets.

Then Johnny Holm took the stage, and, as he does, he got off the stage and entered the crowd, getting people involved in the action, including a Rotarian who can be seen in the picture supplying the vocals to a song.

The weather was perfect for opening night and the new sod which was put in after Hockey Day Minnesota seemed to have held up nicely.

The St. Cloud Rotary estimates the opening night crowd at 16,000.

The crowd for the finale last summer was estimated to be around 19,000.

Other than the music, people also enjoyed the tremendous variety of food options, with everything from turkey legs to funnel cakes to something called buzzard balls.

Shane Martin's country rock show takes the stage next Wednesday in week two of the 12-week series.

Get the full lineup and more information on Summertime by George! here.

(Johnny Holm can be seen below signing an album)

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