Group Home Worker Accused Of Sexual Assault

Group Home Worker Accused Of Sexual Assault Click to Enlarge Photo: Benton County Jail

(KNSI) - A worker at a group home in Sauk Rapids is accused of sexually assaulting two autistic women.

According to court records, Patrick Arthur Jansen, 58, admitted to police that he had touched the two 20-year-old women in a sexual manner.

Jansen says he never caused them any harm and he only meant to "make them happy and to enrich the lives of people who haven’t experienced romance their whole life.”

The St. Cloud man admitted to police that he crossed the line and said his relationship with the women had become more intimate over the last three or four weeks.

On Friday, a supervisor at the group home called police when they saw Jansen allegedly touching one of the patients and suspected he was molesting a second patient.

Both women are nonverbal.

When police arrived, they say they saw Jansen on the couch sharing ice cream with one of the victims.

Jansen is charged in Benton County District Court with 3rd and 4th degree criminal sexual conduct.

Bail was set at $75,000.

His next court date is December 26th.

The name of the group home wasn’t identified in court records.

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