Police: Boy Cut Students With Knife

Police: Boy Cut Students With Knife Click to Enlarge Photo: KNSI News

(KNSI/AP) - An elementary school student in Sauk Rapids took a knife to school and cut three students, according to the Sauk Rapids Police Department.

Police say the incident happened at Pleasantview Elementary School at around 7:15 Monday morning.

Investigators say the 8-year-old boy brought a kitchen knife to school and randomly cut three students, who all received minor injuries.

Police Chief Perry Beise says the boy then went into the office and set the knife down.

Those injured were 8, 9 and 13-years-old.

Two of the victims were taken to St. Cloud Hospital by their parents and were treated and released.

The suspect was taken into custody and interviewed.

Police say, due to his age, he was released to his parents.

The chief says he doesn't know if the boy had been bullied or has mental health issues.

He says the boy cooperated with investigators.

The chief says authorities don't file charges against children that young, they instead try to get them help.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This morning we had an unfortunate incident that happened before school started. A Pleasantview primary-aged student entered the building and upon putting away his backpack, he pulled out a knife and began striking students with it. The incident resulted in three students being injured and the aggressor was contained in the office. Police, ambulance and parents were called and responded. The parents of the three injured students chose to transport their children either home or to receive further medical attention.

The incident took place in the hallway as students were heading to class. Currently, we are working with school support staff to identify and provide support to staff and students that may have been impacted by this incident. Mental health professionals are available on site at Pleasantview Elementary. Please know in situations like this the District’s discipline policy is applied and aggressive students are not allowed in the building(s).

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