Dems Put Their Leaders in Place

Dems Put Their Leaders in Place Click to Enlarge Photo: Minnesota House

(KSNI) - With the change in the balance of power in the Minnesota House of Representatives, democrats are wasting no time getting new leaders into place.

Representative Melissa Hortman of Fridley was elected speaker of the house and says one of the items she's looking to push through is a healthcare agenda.

"Healthcare was definitely the priority of Minnesotans that they brought to us on the campaign trail all across the state of Minnesota. So we will be addressing healthcare very aggressively throughout the session, and starting well before session convenes."

Hortman currently serves as House Minority Leader and will be replacing Representative Kurt Daudt who'd served in that role since 2015.

Meanwhile, Representative elect Ryan Winkler was selected for House Majority Leader.

"First and foremost we have to make sure the Minnesota House of Representatives represents the best values of Minnesota including civility and the ability to work together and advance an agenda that serves the interests of the people of Minnesota where ever they live or whatever their background."

Republicans meanwhile have unanimously re-elected Majority Leader Paul Gazelka to continue to lead the Senate Republican Caucus heading into the 2019 session. Senator Jeremy Miller was chosen by Republicans to be Minnesota’s next Senate President.

The 2019 legislative session convenes January 8.

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