Couple Accused Of Assaulting Man

Couple Accused Of Assaulting Man Click to Enlarge Photo: Stearns County Jail

(KNSI) - A St. Cloud couple is accused of trying to run a man over with a pickup truck.

Police say a man went to the home of Aaron Charles Stevens on the 300 block of 19 1/2 Avenue North to pick up a fan on Monday.

The man says Stevens came out of the home and told the man to get off his property, started swearing at him, and calling him racist and derogatory names.

Investigators say the 58-year-old Stevens broke a beer bottle and threw it at the man, hitting him in the face and causing a cut near the man’s mouth.

According to the criminal complaint, Stevens charged at the man with a large tie strap with metal hooks.

The man says he grabbed a hammer to defend himself but was struck in the face by the metal hooks on the tie strap.

According to the complaint, the two continued to fight and Stevens held the man on the ground while calling for his girlfriend, identified as 41-year-old Myrna Angelica Alanis, to run the man over with a truck.

Witnesses say Alanis was backing up the truck and revving the engine while the man was on the ground.

Police say Stevens later chased after the man with an ax.

Investigators say Stevens admitted to assaulting the man, calling him names and holding him down as the truck neared the man’s head.

According to the complaint, Stevens said he’s prejudiced and used the n-word to describe black people.

Police say Alanis admitted to almost hitting the man with the truck but later said she was just revving the engine.

Stevens has been charged with three counts of 2nd degree assault with a weapon. His bond was set at $300,000. His next court date is August 13th.

Alanis has been charged with one count of 2nd degree assault. Her next court date is August 20th. She’s being held on $100,000 bond.

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