Complaint: Man Set His SUV On Fire

Complaint: Man Set His SUV On Fire Click to Enlarge Photo: KNSI News

(KNSI) - A St. Cloud man is facing charges after allegedly setting his car on fire because he couldn’t afford to fix it.

Police say Zachary Ryan Sprague poured oil on his engine, sprayed it with lighter fluid, lit a napkin and threw it under the hood of his Ford Expedition on July 27th.

The burning SUV was located along the side of County Road 44 near Kimball. Sprague told police his on the scene that his transmission started slipping and when he pulled over, the engine was on fire.

According to the criminal complaint, as the SUV was towed, a private investigator approached authorities and explained he was hired by an insurance company to do surveillance related to previous insurance claim by the 39-year-old.

Police say the private investigators showed them video of Sprague pouring fluids onto his vehicle’s engine.

When police interviewed Sprague, he admitted to setting the vehicle on fire because he was having engine problems and couldn't pay for the repairs. The complaint says the SUV had more than 135,000 miles on it and was valued at $3,000.

He’s been charged with 2nd degree arson. A summons has been issued for him to appear in court in October 22nd.

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