Complaint: Man Punched Woman In Face

Complaint: Man Punched Woman In Face Click to Enlarge Photo: Stearns County Jail

(KNSI) - A St. Cloud man is accused of breaking a woman’s nose.

Police say Billy Henry Quirk began to argue with the woman on Saturday and he began to push her out of the St. Cloud apartment.

The woman says Quirk shut the door and she began to pound on the door so she could get some of her things.

According to the criminal complaint, the 41-year-old opened the door and punched the woman in the face, giving her bloody nose.

The woman was taken to St. Cloud Hospital where they determined she suffered a bilateral nasal fracture.

Quirk has been charged with felony 3rd degree assault and two gross misdemeanor counts of domestic assault.

Bond was set at $80,000. His next court date is July 19th.

In April 2017, Quirk was convicted of domestic assault and served 90 days in jail.

He was arrested for domestic assault in 2005 but the charges were dismissed when he pleaded guilty to making terroristic threats. He spent 196 days in jail.

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