Complaint: Man Hit, Threw Child

Complaint: Man Hit, Threw Child Click to Enlarge Photo: Stearns County Jail

(KNSI) - A St. Cloud man is accused of hitting and throwing a child by their neck.

Police say 62-year-old Richard Robert Chambers was babysitting a 9-year-old girl and her sister while their parents were at work on Friday in the 1000 block of 33rd Avenue North in St. Cloud.

Investigators say Chambers became upset when the girl started arguing with her sister over the use of curling iron.

According to the criminal complaint, Chambers slapped the 9-year-old girl, grabbed her, picked her up by her neck and threw her onto a couch. The girls say he then picked up by the neck again, which affected her breathing, and threw her down again. She says he did this several times.

According to the complaint, at one-point Chambers pinned her against a mirror, then pinned her to the ground with his arm.

The child says she was scared during the incident.

Officers say that the sister saw Chambers throw the girl onto the couch and was then told to go upstairs. The sister says the beginning of the incident was recorded.

Police say Chambers refused to provide a statement.

He’s been charged with felony domestic assault by strangulation, gross misdemeanor domestic assault and malicious punishment of a child.

Chambers is scheduled to appear in court on June 25th.

He was released without bond after agreeing to certain conditions.

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