Child Nearly Hit By Truck After Getting Off Bus

Child Nearly Hit By Truck After Getting Off Bus Click to Enlarge Photo: Minnesota Department of Public Safety

(KNSI) - A Minnesota mom is pleading with drivers to start paying attention to school buses after her daughter was nearly hit by a pickup truck moments after stepping off her bus.

The incident happened last winter in Rosemount when Miana Rhoades was a sixth grader.

Video released by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety shows the girl nearly being hit by the large truck.

Miana's mother, Joyce, recalled watching the terrifying video for the first time.

"Remembering how Miana looked when she said she thought she was going to die - now I had evidence why she felt that way."

Joyce says after she and her husband comforted Miana, they started looking into how often this happens.

"I didn't like what I was hearing, that this happens all the time."

During the annual School Bus Stop Arm Survey earlier this year, bus drivers across the state reported 703 violations - in just one day.

Safety officials say bus driver Kathy Eiden sounding the horn saved Miana from serious injury and probably even death.

Eiden says every bus driver cares deeply for students.

"But people out there need to make sure they're doing their part, not allowing themselves to be distracted, so our kids can grow up to be great citizens."

Police say the driver of the truck was later arrested and charged.

In 2016, police issued 1,318 citations for stop arm violations.

On August 1, the fine for stop arm violations was increased from $300 to $500 dollars.

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